V for Invader

V For Invader: ‘The Burning’ by Urn

URN - The Burning by Iron Bonehead Productions

V For Invader: ‘Breaking Class’ by Toxik

Breaking Class by Toxik
Livet Som Insats, Everyday hate, spela snabbare, grindcore, sweden

Livet Som Insats: 3 new tracks exclusively streaming

Swedish Livet Som Insats was blasted together in 2009, with K.J. on guitars and vocals, Patrick on bass and vocals and Harda Tord on...
Immensity, death, doom, greece, 2016,

Napalm Eyes Collective: The Isolation Splendour by Immensity

Some days ago, Immensity revealed a lyric video for the song ‘The Sullen’ and now the Greek atmospheric death/doom group is streaming the band’s...
Russia,Hardcore, Crust, Black Metal,Norrband,News,Napalm Eyes Collective,2016,

Napalm Eyes Collective: Schamanismen by Norrbrand

Norrbrand formed in spring of 2014, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, by members of the black metal group Nebelwerfer. That’s why you will notice enough...