Genre: Black, Thrash
Country: Sweden
Label: I Hate Records
Year: 2017

Expectations were beyond the ceiling. And how could they not have been after the gravestone they released in 2011? “Forbidden World” was even more relentless then the uppercuts that devastated Ivan Drago in his final battle with Rocky –the father of all of us- in the 4th franchise of the movie. Nevertheless, Antichrist stood their ground and are here to throw into the pit of raised middle fingers all those who considered them as done and as a band that “has reached its limits”, but also to make Black Thrash a threat again in the dark alleys of metal, in a period where the genre is in remission. An intro to shit your pants with, taken out of 80’s horror movies, the ones in which the actual film is shaking and every now and then you get this long slow zoom-ins in the dagger that the trench coated thug is about to stick in the wimp that swings by with his fancy shoes and an attitude. Without unnecessary flourishes, the first song of the record, “SavageMutilations”, take everything in its way, not allowing us to take a single breath. “Sinful Birth” is growing steadily and sturdily and all 8 songs are justifying the patience we showed all these years. All Antichrist’s features are here, the razorblade peaking, the staccato drums, the paranoid riffs in insane speeds and all these growling that turns into these screaming yelps making you shout “SHIT FUCK VOMIT”. What should be greeted as progression is their sloppiness that turned into sheer effectiveness with much more mature and ripe compositions, but that doesn’t mean that hooliganism is absent from the final result. On the contrary, “Sinful Birth” could easily be the soundtrack of in and out of stadium riots of the glorious 80’s and 90’s. Antichrist are still giving us the hardest boners creating the need to see them and abuse our fellow concert goer with some maniac outbreaks in the pit. “Sinful Birth” is a sweet sonic terrorism that brings Antichrist in the musical forefront paying us off for all the swearing till it was finally out. It seems ridiculous to say that it deserves the attention of everyone who likes the genre, that it is for sure already among the very best releases for 2017, that it has to be a part of your collection and that if I could rate it for more than 6 I would do it wholeheartedly. AARGH.

P.S. That 10-minute epic “Chernobyl 1986” is a very hard motherfucker.