Arch Enemy has always been an exquisite case of band on the metal genre, since it has been one of the very first bands to ever have a growling female as their lead vocalist, while gaining such big attention of the audience. Twenty one years after their creation, we can be sure that it’s a case of a supergroup, consisting of extremely talented people coming from various other genres and projects such as Carcass, Spiritual Beggars, The Agonist, Mercyful Fate and Nevermore.

To set things straight, Arch Enemy were founded in 1996 by Christopher and Micheal Amott, right after the second’s departure from Carcass. Their first lineup included also Johan Liiva on vocals and the-then session drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Let’s see how they rose into fame through the years.

“Black Earth” – 1996
Arch Enemy’s debut album was released in December 12th 1996 and it is for sure one of the best debut albums of all time. Michael Amott, soon freed from Carcass with whom had been since the beginning of the ’90s, has this death metal stigma without the melodic element the band later gained, while Johan’s vocals were powerful and pleasant to hear, since every single word came out crystal clear unlike other cases of such vocalists. Thus came thunderous death metal by those Swedes via Black Earth, which is fairly among the favorites of a big percentage of the fans.

“Bury Me An Angel” from “Black Earth” (1996 )

“Stigmata” – 1998

Since 1998, Arch Enemy have been collaborating with Century Media Records, and they still do. Powerful enough just like its predecessor, probabaly has disappointed many younger fans of the band who love their melodic stuff more, but the pattern is still going strong.

“Black Earth” from “Stigmata” (1998)

“Burning Bridges” – 1999

From this certain point on, Arch Enemy start experimenting with some extra elements in order to find what exactly appeals to their own sound and identity. The melodic spices start to approach carefully, combined with some grindcore influences. This might seem quite impossible but when we have to deal with such talented musicians, everything can happen. One of the fans favorites. Fair enough.

“Seed Of Hate” from “Burning Bridges” (1999)

“Wages Of Sin” – 2001

A new era has started, both for the melodic death metal scene and for Arch Enemy. During an interview in Germany, late ’99 – beginnings of 2000, Angela Gossow is conducting an interview with Michael Amott, when she gives him a demo tape of one of her live appearances at a small club in Germany with one of her previous bands. After Johan Liiva’s departure in November 2000, the blondie from Germany takes over the microphone, amazed everyone and wept every other candidate’s ass according to Amott. “The first deadly sin…”

“Ravenous” from “Wages Of Sin” (2001)

“Anthems Of Rebellion” – 2003

No matter how positive was the feedback toward Angela’s march into the Arch Enemy battlefield, things started getting a little low with “Anthems of Rebellion”. It’s a powerful release, music wise, but totally weak on everything else.

“Silent Wars” from “Anthems Of Rebellion” (2003)

“Doomsday Machine” – 2005

Despite being one of their most popular releases because of the hit songs such as “Nemesis” or “My Apockalypse”, as a whole has definitely not more to say than “Wages Of Sin”, neither less than “Anthems Of Rebellion”.

“Nemesis” from “Doomsday Machine” (2005)

“Rise Of The Tyrant” – 2007

If we ask Michael Amott which album does he think can actually reach exactly how he wanted Arch Enemy’s sound to be like, he would definitely say “Rise Of The Tyrant”. Fully charged with mental suffering lyrically, brilliant melodies and great vocals by Angela. Probably one of their best so far.

“I Will Live Again” from “Rise Of The Tyrant” (2007)

“Khaos Legions” – 2011

Four years after this masterpiece called “Rise Of The Tyrant”, there had been a doubt if we ever would be able to hear something better by them. “Khaos Legions” came like a storm, which to be is by far their best record ever. It includes the classic masterpieces “Yesterday Is Dead And Gone” and “Under Black Flags We March”, while its lyrics approach various subjects in addition to their warcries which are there in each of their song.

“War Eternal” – 2014

Once again, the band is being challenged. Angela Gossow resigns from the lead vocalist position and Alissa White-Gluz from “The Agonist”, takes her place. Angela herself chose her replacement. Every time a new era begins for a group, the album that follows is drawn in, in either negative or positive way. In this case, negative comments were not mindful at all. Having great experience and vocal abilities that can handle much more than the regular Arch Enemy vocal pattern, Alissa was kindly welcomed and loved by the audience, as well as the legendary Jeff Loomis who entered the band shortly after release of the album, whose presence only as a positive can work for the band, while War Eternal took off as both as a studio album and a tour, as the live shows that came afterwards took the band to the top in an international level.

“War Eternal” from “War Eternal” (2014)

“Will To Power” – 2017

Not manyenough days have passed since the release of their new album and they have already took over both social media and European clubs. The two videos released by the band for “The World Is Yours” and “The Eagle Flies Alone” hit millions of views in just a few days, and from the very first time the album was loved by a large percentage of the fans.

“The World Is Yours” from “Will To Power” (2017)

There are only a few days left for the band to march into the greek battlefields once more. More specifically, Arch Enemy will perform on September 22 at Piraeus Academy 117 in Athens and the Principal Club in Thessaloniki on the 23rd.

They will rise to the light and fade to the night!