Genre: Black/ Post
Country: Austria/ England/ Germany
Label: Alerta Antifascista Records, Halo of Flies Records
Year: 2017

The first time I listened to Archivist I was left speechless. Both their composition and the concept of their lyrics felt like speaking to a forgotten part of my soul. That was something completely logical of course, after all one of their members is Alex CF (Fall of Efrafa, Anopheli, Morrow) and thus my anticipation for their second full length album “Construct” was to be expected.

It is a concept album that explores a possible future and the relations between man and machine. To describe this release as “just a CD” would be to devaluate a real piece of art. It is not simply an album that we listen to the background while doing other things at the same time, that would deny us the magic of the emotions Archivist express with this release.

Their music follows similar patterns with their debut. They are loyal to their particular sound, something that characterizes them after all and built on that style without falling in the repetition trap, something that becomes more and more common with many post bands. On the contrary they manage utilize their sound perfectly and thus achieve to express all the feeling they want to through their notes.

I have already mentioned that their lyrics are part of a concept. Apart from “serving” the common, between the songs, theme their lyrics are, in a way, a theatrical piece. Their words blend perfectly with their music and reading them while listening to the album plunges us deep into a story more than 2000 years long (based on the dates that are part of each title’s explanation).

“Construct” is not just a release or the logical continuation of their self-titled debut of Archivist. It is the continuation of a journey in human nature, even when we are talking about artificial intelligence (what is an AI if not humanity’s child, its kindness and wickedness lessons taught by us) It is a path through a maze of emotions, so characteristic of human nature, and how those will, probably, define our future.