Genre: Death Metal
Country: Turkey
Label: Dark Descent Records

Turkey’s extreme metal scene is not as extensive as others, yet from time to time brilliant bands as Burial Invocation emerge from the hellish pits to annihilate every form of life. That’s the case here.

Burial Invocation come from Ankara and Istanbul and have been active since 2008, except for the period between June 2012 and October 2014, when the band split up.


Their game is putrid, unholy, misanthropic, murky death metal that splits your heart in half.

Their first record “Rituals of the Grotesque” was released on February 2010 via Dark Descent Records. Four tracks and 18 minutes of unsurpassed compositions and a transcendent atmosphere is the deal here. The record starts with “Beyond” and a long gory scream that leads to the tracks basic riff. The guitars and bass are heavy as hell while the drums keep things classic. No extreme kicks or blast, only what is needed. “Haunted Crypts of the Ancient Dead” follows with abysmal force and intensely ferocious vocals. “Through the Void of Obscurity” feels like it’s the best track of the album. It moves on most Death / Doom paths at its beginning, though as it progresses you’ll hear many speedy outbursts and then vice versa. The alternations in the track’s rhythms seem to be its most valuable asset. Right up next, we stumble upon “Desecration Remains” which holds a more steady progression than the previous track. The guitar riffs are extremely violent, while the drums make your heart beat faster for some reason. Moving toward its end, the rhythm is slowed down to doomy levels and spooky samples make your eyes pop with fear.
Burial Invocation’s debut was and still is an incredible sonic blast than many bands all over the world would be jealous of. Its fierce power and raw musicianship makes you an addict. I remember listening to this EP every single day for about 4 or 5 months. My daily dose of impure hellish Death metal.

You can listen to “Ritual of The Grotesque” here:

The band’s next record release came as a split record with Japan’s masters of Death / Doom metal, Anatomia. The split record consists of two tracks, one of each band. On Side A we come across Anatomia’s slow and heavy as 80 tons of concrete track “Drawn Into The Abyss”, while on Side B we find Burial Invocation’s “Obliterated in an Ignominious Grave”. Following their successful recipe, the band delivers a masterpiece, with sick guitars and even more infectious vocals than before. Fluctuations in rhythm are still here, moving from slow and painful tunes to paranoid fast moments that blow you away. Towards the end there’s a great moment, where Mustafa the vocalist, releases screams that can haunt you or scar you for life. Definitely a must – buy split.

Listen to “Decomposing Serenades” here:

Those of you who haven’t checked Burial Invocation yet, do it as soon as possible. You don’t realize what you’re missing. Excellent musicianship, wonderful performances, exceptional atmosphere. Can’t wait for another release. I hope they’ll raise the stakes once more.

(Burial Invocation is ideal for those who dig Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma and similar bands.)