Genre: Rock/Gothic/Deathwave/Post – Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers
Year: 2017

There was some time not long ago that Rock was shocking, not necessarily dangerous but definitely more interesting. Curious minds were using twisted sounds and peculiar effects. At the same time strange synths could combine raw guitars and all the above were dressing dark melodies while the final result was trying to fit in any genre that could afford the spooky atmosphere. Pop met gothic when metal elements were balancing to emphasize on more than a creeping feeling of dread. Don’t try to origin Cursed Moon. How can you find the roots of melancholy after all? Human sorrow reflecting soul defeat with mechanized beats courtesy of drum machine punching at every second. Sisters of Mercy , Skinny Puppy and Oz are covered  so suitably on these excellent deathwaved adaptions. This record is a perfect balance between 80’s Death Rock and Metal. Heavily influenced by Fields of the Nephilim (Yanez reminds me of Carl McCoy’s growling vocals) with hints of Black Metal, Cursed Moon create a unique sound with memorable songs that immures the lost magic. Sal “Hellraiser”, the man behind the band, has his personal triumph on this release without a doubt. Post-Punk, New Wave, Gothic filtered on Black Metal can be translated easily to a Christian Death mixed with Celtic Frost outcome and all this sequence of different characteristic parts  to make a list of never ending influences and spontaneous response to albums or bands that marked the mid 80’s. ‘Rite of Darkness’  is a disk that will make sense and a lot of noise. If you left yourself in  its dark elegy, you will probably dance at some point of  its hearing. Redeemer or simply a joyful mourning is something that each listener will judge separately depending on his spiritual condition and temperament. One of the most weird and ambitious releases via Hell’s Headbangers in its history.