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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2017

10 years have already passed since the first attempt from Destruction to release an anthology that had the peculiarity of containing re-recordings of some classic songs. The first best of did well sales wise, since it coincided with the revival of the genre and the whole project had a certain freshness and connected the raw first days of the band with the years after the reunion when the sound was modernized and polished. This second attempt had some difficulties though, since Nuclear Blast didn’t want to release it.  The band turned to its fans through Pledge Music and so the company changed its attitude seeing that the new generations of thrashers were activated even participating to the choice of the songs that would be re-recorded. I wouldn’t say that this is an easy job, since in 2007 they had already used songs from Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devastation, Release From Agony and Cracked Brain.

For example in the first part of the collection there are Curse The Gods”, “Bestial Invasion”, “Total Desaster”, “Mad Butcher”, “Eternal Ban” and “Life Without Sense”. But that’s why you are a great band, because in your arsenal there are songs that can make 2 or 3 best of… …”Confused Mind”, “Satan’s Vengeance”, “United By Hatred” and “Black Death” and here you have an obscure rarity, “Frontbeast” from Bestial Invasion Of Hell EP and right after that a cover to Holiday in Cambodia (from Dead Kennedys of course…). But you need to get over the fact that we are talking about re-recordings, a thing that especially older fans will not appreciate easily I guess. Let it be noted that there are some guest vocals from their former members Oliver Kaiser, Andrew Grieder and Tommy Sandmann in “Dissatisfied Existence” and “Ripping You Off Blind”. Also Ol Drake (ex Evile) and Michael Amott from Arch Enemy are participating playing some solos as also V.O. Pulver from Poltergeist who took over the production as in many of the last Destruction albums.