Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Pulverized Records
Year: 2017

Five years after their latest release, Endezzma return to the musical spotlight with their new, full-length work titled “The Arcane Abyss.” The “Arcane Abyss” is the second full-length full-length release of the band, ten years after their first “Alone” effort in 2007 (despite the fact that Endezzma has typically been living with us since 1993). The album was released on March 31, 2017 via Pulverized Records. Pretty worth-checking release that earns your favour after several hearings. I personally needed several repetitions to come to the conclusion that the album is actually really good and worth dedicating time to it. Nine tracks in total, one of which is the intro at the beginning of the album. Generally speaking, “Arcane Abyss” can be heard really enjoyably, despite the morbid dark atmosphere it creates with the screams and cries of Morten Kaalhus. Endezzma have produced something really unique, with the logic that their sound has a personality and even though reminds me of something else / walks in the footsteps of classical Norwegian Black Metal, yet they have their own ‘voice’. Among other things, in some places they reminded me of DHG, as this paranoid ambience of DHG is pleasantly present. It goes without saying that it is not the best thing to compare one band to another, but this parallel may attract new listeners who have no previous contact with Endezzma. Endezzma’s music may not be as overwhelming and heavy, but the feelings and urges it creates are primitive, primordial. Strings and drums, while at first they seem to rely on and build upon the character and aesthetics of Black Metal of the 1990s, modern elements have been added so that the album will escape the category of “yet another release”. “Arcane Abyss” offers an intense musical experience that moves away from the modernized BM we are offered nowadays. Diversity in compositions offers diversity at a more general level.

Fun fact: Beastcraft’s former singer, Sorath Northgrove is featured as a guest vocalist in the track “Sick Kulta Lucifer”!

The recording, mixing and production of the album were handled by Lars F Froyslie and Fredrik Johannesson, with Tore Stjerna of Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Repugnant, Tribulation, etc.) taking over the mastering process. The cover is a creation by Geros Ramavounis aka Remember the Fallen Artworks (Front Beast, Svartfell, Corrosive Carcass, etc.).