Genre: Grindcore / Death metal
Country: Brazil
Label: Laja Records – Everydayhate Records
Year: 2017

Brazil and ‘extreme music’ have been holding hands since 1982, when Ratos de Porao released their first demo. Facada is one of the most solid successors of this kind of sonic holocaust. In this particular album, they pay tribute to their Brazilian roots, watching everything through the eyes of the fans that had their eyes opened by this music and formed them as a band. Maybe the most special thing about this release is the fact that they succeeded in making the tracks their own. The tracks could be Facada’s and no some covers of other bands, so that’s a huge deal. This album is the best cover – album I ‘ve ever listened to; pure satisfaction.  Impaled Nazarene, Sarcofago, Ratos de porao, Napalm death, Bad Brains, Headhunter DC, Blasphemy,Husker Du,Misfits and many others are featured here. In a few words, punk, metal and grindcore mx together in a perfect result. William Blackmon (Gadjet) has done an incredible job with the production once again. Those of you who have listened to the band’s last album „Nadir” you’ll remember the sonic explosions. Great album cover by Vitor Willeman. It’s a very interesting release, one of my favourites for 2017. It hit the stores via the brazilian label Laja Records in cooperation with the Polish label Everydayhate records. Grindcore aesthetics are expected, since we’re talking about one of the best and most professional grindcore bands out there these days.