Genre:Heavy/Power Metal
Country: Greece

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship which was never able to port and is doomed to float across the oceans for eternity. This legend comes for the golden 17th century’s VOC. Its original version is aged from the 18th century, while studies have mentioned during the 19th and 20th century that the ship is ghostly shining. Football fans have linked this name with Johan Cruyff and his glorious times in the european football fields. Despite this, Flying Dutchman (the Greek band) members are probably fans of pirate metal, to which we were introduced to via Running Wild in the first place. Their name is great and truly sophisticated. Thankfully this is a not a case of a Running Wild tribute band, music wise. I wouldn’t stand another version of Rocka Rollas or Blazon Stone, without my mind being off those two projects who have however composed great tracks, inspired by Mr. Kasparek. In this EP of four tracks, we come across pure, teutonic Grave Digger-like power metal with Maiden spices on the melodic parts, reminding also of Crystal Viper. Dimitra Koenka’s roaring vocals are powerful, without her losing her feminity while her tone matches Flying Dutchman’s sound in a great way. Each track is composed by Vaggelis Ziakas who is doing his best, giving me the best of impressions by writing songs quiet simple, however smart enough, avoiding meaningless cliches. When the rest of the band will have their own part in the composing procedure, I presume the songs will have a wider range of influences which will enrich their sound. This first sample is promising enough, leaving the best of impressions regarding the confidential attitude radiating.