One of Boston’s finest if we are talking about hardcore punk / crossover is definitely Gang Green. They could have taken their name from ‘The Green Gang’ (simplified Chinese: 青帮; traditional Chinese: 青幫; pinyin: Qīng Bāng) that was a Chinese secret society and criminal organization, which was prominent in criminal, social and political activity in Shanghai during the early to mid-20th century, but I really doubt that they even knew about this organization after all. These punks released through their career several interesting albums and EP’s, musically speaking. Unlike a lot of hardcore bands that are straight edge or sing about political, social or animal rights issues, Gang Green are pretty much about beer and skating. And had some lyrics that were not so political correct. For example detailing the love of loose women, including titles that contain noticeable sexual innuendo. And misogynism… But Gang Green were more the American answer to Tankard (oops!!! sorry mates, but Tankard is the Teutonic answer to Gang Green, not the other way around!!!) or the right guys for partying hard and getting really screwed and totally messed up. They didn’t take themselves too serious at least as serious as their haters did… Their greatest moment is 1989’s release, ‘Older… Budweiser’.The famous brand became the trademark of the band, but here we will talk about their exact previous release, ‘I81B4U’. That it came out via Roadrunner Records in 1988 and was the turning point were the punk elements were being left aside and thrash metal and crossover dominated their sound. The title is a reference to Van Halen’s album, ‘OU812’ released in the same year. I81B4U translates phonetically to “I Ate One Before You”. To get you in the story David Lee Roth’s first solo album was entitled ‘Eat ‘Em And Smile’ and came out in 1986 one year after he left Van Halen and his ex-bandmates ironically named their 1988’s album ‘OU812’ that translates phonetically to ‘Oh You Ate One Too’. GANG GREENAs we mentioned before, the five-song EP marks the transitional period between the punk of the earlier albums and the heavier and closer to metal sound of the later era. And while the music turned stronger and more aggressive (check the fast-double bass drums on “Rent”) the lyrics remained rock ‘n’ roll-oriented about beer, sex, chicks and nothing more. “Bartender,” “Put Her On Top,” “Cum In U” are more than characteristic titles of what you expect to hear. Nice compositions with gang vocals and sing-along choruses and dignified riffs blended with brilliant guitar solos and even shredding guitars (“Put Her On Top”). Despite their humoristic approaching and the have fun attitude the band turned out to be highly influential and especially the song “Alcohol” written by C. Stilphen/C. Doherty taken from ‘Another Wasted Night ’LP has been covered by a number of bands such as Tankard, Impaled Nazarene and Dropkick Murphy’s among others. No need to copy paste their biography (with its many ups and downs and splits and incarnations) as you can easily find it on the internet, I just have to mention that the band is still alive and doing some shows in major U.S. cities every year. If you are into crossover and like Excel, Municipal Waste, Evol, Beowulf, Rumble Militia and old school thrash with speed elements and punkish style (not the Orange County punk style but the one from the shores of Atlantic Ocean) if you step on it at any second hand or digital store, grab it!!!