With only a few days having passed since our presentation of their first EP, we spoke with Flying Dutchman and specifically with Dimitra Koenka and Vaggeli Ziaka, a new heavy metal group with a huge pirate influnce, only a few days before their appearance on Heavy Metal Assault Vol. V by Eat Metal Records.

Welcome to Metal Invader. Tell us a few things about your band.

(Dimitra) Hello to you too! Our band was our guitarist’s (Vaggelis Ziakas) original idea in the end of 2014 and started becoming a reality in the middle on 2016. We are: Tasos Gianneas – guitars, Babis Katsaitis – bass, Alkis Tsakakos – drums, Dimitra Koenka – vocals and Vaggelis Ziakas – guitar.

How did you end up with this name?

(Vagelis) The name comes from the legendary ghost – ship, which was a huge deal in the pirate era and not only. The reason we ended up with it was because it was truly symbolic for what we sounded like, our purpose is as big as the ship’s legacy.

If someone has never heard of Flying Dutchman, how would you describe your sound?

 (Dimitra) We play pure heavy metal with pirate themes lyrics and music.

What/who is your main influence ?

 (Vaggelis) Our main influence is Running Wild, as they are the pioneers of pirate metal and the entire british heavy metal scene in general. Partly there are some of our personal influences involved too, as well as punk!

Is the writing process a team job? If not, who is in charge?

(Dimitra) Vaggelis is in charge for the music, both on our just-released EP and our upcoming album, which is still on the writings. There are many ideas coming from all members in general, both for the lyrics and the music, in the fureu. One of our upcoming songs, for example, is in its entirety written by Tasos Gianneas.

What are your lyrics based on and what kind of message do you really want to spread?

Vagelis) Our lyrics are based on either fantastic or true stories, like legends based on piracy. We definitely don’t follow a specific pattern, so our lyrics can also focus on other subjects. For example, ‘Chase The Sun’ refers to everyone who has been through depression or a depressive state of mind in general, giving hope for the future and motivating him not to break down or let anything stand in your way. On the other hand, our same titled track of the album, ‘Long Live Piracy’, refers to freedom, not giving up your dreams and if you have to fight kings or religion or authorities to succeed, you should.

How come you did chose a female to stand behind the microphone? Did you see it as a challenge or there has never been a thing with Dimitra’s gender?

(V) To be honest,neither me nor Tasos had thought about a woman standing behind the microphone. Maybe because our own idols are male. But a voice is a voice, has nothing to do with sex. An artist is about the performane, the talent and the entire work needed to fulfill something, while his character is important as well. And yes, it was a challenge for us, against all odds regarding our genre. But her voice got us exactly where we wanted. So here we are!

Can you tell us a few about Dimitra’s participation in a TV reality show? And how much did this help you?

(V) Dimitra was a part of some reality shows before joining the band, something that gave us a first teaser of what we would hear, since we met her through an ad. That was really important for her and for the band because in this way are are approaching new fans who want to hear something new.

What is your opinion on the Greek music scene?

(D) The greek metal scene is getting bigger and bigger finally the past few years. There are many exceptionally good band who have been trying and sacrificing a lot to do what they love. The system however does not allow a band in Greece to get as big as in other countries, that’s why we need to support our genre and bands.

How do you feel and what are your expectations for your first official release?

(D) We are very happy and this comes from the fans. We have received great messages from the metal community all over the world and it’s truly motivating for us. Our EP shows exactly what you should be expecting from us.

On Saturday, you’ll be part of a highly interesting festival by Greg and Eat Metal. How important are live appearances for you?

(V) We would love to thank Eat Metal records for giving us the chance to participate in this festival. It is really important to us there are are people who give new bands the chance to show what they got. Live performances are important to us, when we go on stage we have to be one with the music we love and do. So, you have to transfer this vibe to the audience who sacrificed a little something to see you there.

What should we expect from you on Saturday?

(D) You should expect a great,100% heavy metal live with passion. Come and see and the rest of the bands who are truly dedicated and passionate for the music.

Thank you very much for your time. We wish you the best. The epilogue is yours.

Thank you for the interview, we would love to see you on Saturday..stay tuned!