Clan Of Xymox are coming to Greece for two performances at Death Disco that you shouldn’t miss for a fact. Ronny Moorings the mastermind behind the dutch gothers talked to Metal Invader about their influences and how much things have changed since their begining.

When did you start having your first influences as Clan of Xymox and what contributed in that? 

I tried once to define that and came up with recording a cover album “Kindred Spirits” where I tried to pay homage to my contemporaries in the music scene who influenced me back in the days. It is of course an ltd choice and there would be way more but it is an indication. As a kid I started listening to music actively when I was four or so and things will always stick.

The form of the band has evolved a lot since 1983 and so has your sound. What made you follow ‘’darker paths’’ describing your music? 

By following my musical taste in things and the topics I write about. I just follow where my emotions bring me and it comes out musically.

What do you think, does the audience at concerts differ from the audience 25-30 years ago?

Thirty years ago wave was even present in the top 40, so it attracted a lot of new kids on the block. The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Sisters Of Mercy etc. were all in the charts.  Now it is a musical choice, a way of life almost because you won’t find it even near to a top 40 position.

clan of xymox 

On April of 2017 you released your sixteenth work, “Days of black”. A very fresh album. In your concert in Athens, are you going to perform only this release or also some older favorite tracks?

We will certainly highlight some songs of the album but certainly we will play songs from past to present.

We are surely facing a post-punk/darkwave/synth revival as more and more new bands pop-up and there are noticeable dark influences on the newer styles of electronic music. Do you think it of an evolution? 

Music should always evolve and add some fresh ideas to older ones. That is indeed evolution. All musical genres have their predecessors and build on that. That keeps people interested and willing to listen to something new.

Progression or imitation?   

Progression but of course you have to separate the weed from the chaff…

Seeing that you are really active the last years making concerts and touring, have you spotted any newer artist that you consider special and you could maybe collaborate with in the future? 

I have seen a lot of good new artists in the scene. A lot of times I discover new bands at WGT. Collaborate is not really what I am looking for. I have such a busy schedule that there is little room for anything else…

Sometimes I do so, like the last time with Decoded Feedback, when they asked me to play guitar on one of tracks live at WGT or with the Greek act Cinemascope doing guest vocals with the song “Five More Minutes”.

Having in mind that you were one of the big names of 4AD and you were active the same time with legendary bands like The Cure, New Order etc., was it your decision or just luck to go off the beaten track?

We were always off the beaten track. 4AD was considered an art house label. An independent label. Most bands wanted to be on a Major label. We were lucky enough that they wanted to have us. It was already 2 years ago 4AD signed a new act, so it was an utter surprise and a great honour.

clan of xymox

What is the ‘’secret substance’’ that kept Clan of Xymox alive for such a long period and your music updated? 

Being active in and outside the band with music and keep a healthy interest in what other people do. That way you keep yourself recent and involved. The main thing however is to follow your own taste and style. That is the only convincing route you can take. All other is just a waste of time.

You have performed several times in Greece. What do you think about the audience and the music scene here? What should we expect from you this time?

Greece has many interesting bands. A friend of mine who used to live in Athens and now lives in Leipzig, George from Siva Six is one of them. Because of the geographical position of Greece many artist find the need to live closer to the heart of Europe. I can’t blame them because it is easier to tour for a starter. I think the Greek audience is very warm and charming. I have nothing but good experiences in Greece. Unfortunately a lot of clubs have closed in Athens, so luckily Death Disco is one of the few remaining strongholds for music from the scene. I am very grateful for this. We will do a show like we do everywhere else, permitting the space and available back drops…

Thank you for your time, the closing is yours maybe with a message to your fans.

We hope to see you soon in Athens Saturday 21 October in Death Disco!

clan of xymox