A couple of days ago, I had the chance and the honor to talk with one of my most beloved bands. Coming from Germany, Stallion spoke to Metal Invader while their new album “From The Dead” is about to be released.

Hello guys! It’s a great pleasure for me to talk with you!

Wohoo the pleasure is ours thank you guys very much for having us!

So, on June 30th, your new album “From The Dead”is being released. Is there anything different we shall expect this time?

Well we took our time for this one that´s why it took so long to bring it out. We went on with our wide ranged songwriting and again have a mixture of Hard Rock Riffs, Speed Metal songs and also Thrashy parts and that has always been important for us. The songs might be better arranged this time and we are very excited of what the fans think about it.

Many tracks from your first EP “Mounting The World” had been re-recorded on your first full length “Rise And Ride”. How come?

I would say “many” is a little exaggerated, haha. It was “Canadian Steele” and “The right One”. These where the songs the fans liked most in the beginning of STALLION when it only was a two man project. The whole EP was written and recorded by Äxxl and me and the drums where recorded with a drum computer. We formed the whole line up afterwards so we wanted to re record these two songs for the debut album as a complete band.

“Killing Time” is one of my favorite tunes since the very first moment I heard it…tell us more about it, a strange story while recording it or something…

Thank you very much, it´s still one of our favourite live songs as well. As I already said we wanted to have a wide range of songwriting in our music straight from the beginning on so “Killing Time” was meant to be a hard rocking pounder with a lot of energy. Streight right from the start, take no prisoners, haha. I was fucking hot when we recorded it and I stood in the singing booth only wearing my KISS-bathing trunks sweating my fucking ass of, haha.

Do you think the band has evolved a lot since the beginning over the past years? In both personal and musical perspective.

Totally. When we recorded the “Mounting the World”-EP we didn´t knew if we would ever perform our songs live as a full band so we have been blown away by the first reactions. We just had to form the whole line up and rehearsed a fucking lot in just two months before our very first show at the famous Metal Assault Festival in Würzburg (Ger). Show by show we want to improve and we work very hard on that. Personal I would say we are just the same idiots as always, haha. A bunch of good friends doing the shit we love. Yehaaa.

Paul had an accident on “Anthems Of Steel” festival a couple of weeks ago.What exactly happened? Is everything ok now?

That´s a stupid story and I´m still so angry about it. In my normal job I´m a social worker and since I work in a youth club in the afternoon we had a fighting workshop (Mui Thai Kickboxing) for our kids and I also participated. It was quite fund but in a sparring fight in the end of the workshop I accidently got kicket against my throat which caused an internal bleeding of my throut. I went to the docter and he said I had a bruise inside my vocal chords. That´s not the end of the world normally but for a singer it can cause a permanent damage to your voice if you push to hard before everything has healed well. Fuck that shit it was such a pain in the ass but unfortunately there was no other way then cancelling the show at Anthems of Steel Festival. I can still feel it when we rehearse or play live so it might have been the right decissioin. But it´s getting better and I hope it fades away completely over time.

You guys got a new bass player lately..what happened to Niki?

Nothing bad about that at all. Niki just decided to go on in school and get a college degree that for he had to move to a city to far away for reherasals and all that stuff. It was a beatuful time with him and he is still one of our best friends but we have to respect his decission, we wish him all the best. We are very happy to have another very good friend instead of Niki in the band. Stämpfe is a good musician and a freak just like us, that´s perfect.

So, “Canadian Steele”. Canada has definitely many great bands for the speed and thrash metal genre. Which ones are your favorite canadian bands?

Yeah these guys definitely had a big influence of us. It all started with Skull Fist who got very good friends of ours over the years. But also Cauldron, Axxion, Striker and Iron Kingdom are brilliant bands who mean a lot to us. Our European Tour 3 years ago with Striker was a fucking blast and it was so cool to spend time with them since they are one of the bands we wrote “Canadian Steel” for. For sure also the oldschoolers like Exciter or Annihilator are outstanding bands, too many to mention them all.

Which albums have had a great impact on Stallion’s image, attitude and music?

I guess the first three Running Wild albums and Accept Albums where quite important for us. Also “Enforcer” by the German Speed Metal Band Warrant. But as I already told you also bands like Skull Fist with albums like “Head of the Pack” was a big deal for us.

Things are getting crazy the past few years over New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal bands, such as Enforcer, Skull Fist, Cauldron etc. Which ones are your favorite and which ones do you think deserve more recognition (bands and releases)?

It´s excactly the bands you mentioned, haha. Enforcer, Skull Fist, Cauldron, Striker, Iron Curtain, Attic, Blizzen, Evil Invaders, Iron Thor,… they all have great attitude and we meet them every now and them at concerts and festivals and it´s always a good time we spend with them. I guess Iron Kingdom from Canada are one of the bands who definitely deserve more recognation, there “Gates of Eternity”-Album is just brilliant!!!

Many bands that have been visiting Greece have positive things to say about the greek audience, their support, loyalty and passion for the music. Have you ever been here or are you thinking of including Greece to any future European tours?

Yeah, we always heard nothing less then the best about the greek metalheads! Unfortunately haven´t made it to Greece yet but that´s definatly something we have to change as soon as possible. No matter if on tour or at a festival but we will come to you guys and kick some fucking asses together. It also would be great to play at “Up the Hammers”-Festival an Athens one day.

Anything you would like to say to the greek Stallions?

I know there are a lot of greek Stallion Fans out there and we would like to thank each and everyone of you guys for your support and dedication. We want to come to Greece as soon as possible just like I already said so you guys better get ready, yehaa.

The epilogue’s on you!

It´s like a dream come true for us to finally do what we love in our music and on stage and that there are so many dedicated people out there who join the ride with us just makes us proud and thankful – Heavy Metal Rock´n Roll! We hope to see you all one day and thanks again for having us. Always keep it true and up the hammers, haha. And stay away from right wing idiots!