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Two years after their vicious sonic attack in Thessaloniki,  Discharge are back for a gig in Athens. On this circumstance, Metal Invader contacted Tezz and talked about the bands past, present and future. Crack a beer and be our guests!

Hello Tezz and welcome to Metal Invader! So happy to exchange a few words with you, especially after that quick “Hello” we exchanged two years back in Thessaloniki! How are you? Is life treating you well these days?

Well, hello Metal Invader! We are all good, the band is well and strong and looking forward to our visit to your land!

From what i know, Discharge is about to launch a new tour, starting with Greece (correct me if I’m wrong). Are you as excited as are we?

We are not actually doing a back to back tour but sporadic dates, fests and such and we are very excited to come to Greece!

Your last live performance here was held at Thessaloniki two years back and it was a TOTAL blast! Thanks for that, we needed it, hehe! What have you prepared for us this year? What are your plans?

Yes, it was a blast; more of what you want is on the menu. We loved it last time and I’m sure it’s gonna be just as good, if not better!

Discharge has been around since 1977, a whole life that is! What keeps Discharge going strong and vicious?

What keeps us going is the love of our fans, old and new! There’s nothing better than a good gig in our world that is.

What has changed and what has remained the same, comparing today with the past? I’m not elaborating the question just on the changes in music industry, industry has always sucked haha! I’m talking about people, attitudes, venues etc. Care to give us your insight?

What has changed… Well, we have signed with Nuclear Blast Records and they are a fantastic label to work with as far as industry goes and the band is happy and that is great. All the gigs are great, we’re happy…

How do you feel being around for 40 years? Has time changed you? Fans have certainly grew fonder of you, judging by the expansion of your fanbase throughout the years (even young people of today admire you, which is utterly awesome!)

Well we dont seem to dwell upon the 40 year thing; it’s a bit old in the tooth, but we are more than grateful to the fans who have stuck with us and as far as new fans go we hope they stick around.

Punk has always been political and lyrical themes are based on a social ground. Discharge’s thoughts have always been crystal clear and uncompromised. Has this ever created any obstacles for you?

Obstacles are no different than they were before; we speak of the ugly truth in this crazy place of a world.

Expanding the question, addressing social problems, the general demise of our times and so on means that you take things very seriously. Do you believe there is a silver lining to all these? What do you think the future holds for us?

Well, if you don’t look forward and at least believe there’s something better, I don’t see how you would carry on and I see in the next few years it’s gonna get better or a lot worse…

When you started the band back in 1977 did you ever anticipate such an embrace by the crowd and the creation of such loyal following?

No, no! No idea whatsoever we were gonna turn into what we are today. It’s like a crazy dream that comes true. It’s fantastic.

What urged you to devote yourselves and musical expression to punk? What were your thoughts and ambitions back then?

It’s like when we started; we just wanted to be a part of what was happening and we did and we are and saw that the punk needed to become more aggressive and needed to be less pop-y, so that’s what we did.

Staying on the subject, i like listening to what people like you feel about the music genre they’ve dedicated their lives to. So, what does punk mean to you? I’m guessing it’s not just a way of life, it’s always more than that!

Punk is more than life to us; it means everything to me. Anyway I’m sure the rest of the band too!

Along with Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, Discharge laid the ground on which Grindcore would later thrive. Furthermore, D – Beat was named after you. Many bands from all over the world have covered your songs and even sited you as their influence. That’s quite astonishing, when you come to think about it.  Have you ever thought about your impact towards all these? How do you feel about this?

When I was the original drummer he put together that beat pattern looking for speed and power and I’m glad it took off like it has and everything. We are so happy it has come about. It’s just like the greatest dream ever.

Reflecting on the past, Discharge have undergone quite a few lineup changes, while breakups are a fact. How do you manage to overcome such difficulties and what makes 2017’s Discharge stronger than ever?

It’s not easy; me, Tezz, my brother, Bones, and rainy are back together again. This is the last version of the band I think and it’s been a crazy journey but were back and stronger than ever.

Your last record, “End of Days” was released last year. Since the band’s catalogue is huge, what’s that feature that helps you avoid repetition and still sound fresh?

It’s not easy trying not to repeat yourself but to stay in the same vain makes it even harder but hey, that’s what our fans want and that’s what they get. Our job’s not done to tell the truth; what we have done is go back to our beginning. We will try.

Do you have any new material in the making? When should we expect your next sonic attack?

Yes, we are in the process of writing new stuff. Hopefully even harder and stronger than our last offering. Sorry no date as yet but soon hopefully something very aggressive will come out.

Well, that’s all from me for the time being! Thanks for the honesty and taking the time to answer everything! You can finish this interview anyway you see fit. Do you want to send a message to our readers and your Greek fans who’ll be attending Discharge’s upcoming gig?

And we are so looking forward coming to your land to pummel you with a crazy sonic blast of Discharge hardcore punk. Kisses and thank you Metal Invader!