A month ago the expectation for the new album of Decapitated had reached the highest point. Now with the album finally on the shelves of the record stores and after the audience embraced it, the expectation for their future – which is said to be excellent – grows along with the hopes of their growing audience…

In 7th of July your 7th full length album “Anticult” will be out via Nuclear Blast. So many 7s! Tell us more about your album and the reference of the title “Anticult”.

I have to add another seven to this whole seven situation, the album was recorded on a seven-string guitar too! Another 7 on the list! The tracks are 8 though. But there was not a plan from the band to premiere the album on this date, but it’s really cool, it’s good to promote it in this way and probably number 7 is symbolic, has some meaning.

Yes, it is actually and that is why I was curious, Christianity is obsessed with the sevens, the bible if I remember correctly mentions number seven 700 times or so…

Well, I hope it’s something optimistic, that will give us a lot of luck. It’s our seventh studio album and we are really excited. It’s just three days away of its release. I’m not stressed at all, but excited and happy. I’m proud of it, there are many cool songs on it.

Is there a concept behind this album?

No, not really. It’s another pure metal, Decapitated album. It’s an album about freedom, to be a free human being on this world. There is not a specific concept. There are few lyrics about getting away from the political systems and lead your own way of life. There are also some lyrics about bands, the travels and the scars we make on the planet with visiting so many countries, America, Asia. There are many lyrical aspects of this album.

On your previous release, you tried to explore some new musical fields, probably more commercial, but still close to death metal. How did you achieve this?

I think because Decapitated is influenced by good traditional metal music and my main influences are always things like Sepultura, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, thrash metal in general and of course 90’s death metal, like Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse. Even though we keep adding more elements on our music, like more catchy, rock n’ roll, thrash, riffs, the music is more progressive these days, but it’s still heavy and extreme. I would not call us a technical death metal band, but an extreme metal one. We wanted to play metal and it doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow. I don’t want to concentrate to just one style.

How important is to try new things in music and how do the fans react to this?

Well, reading the youtube comments for “Anticult”, there is lots of positive reactions and reviews. I also saw already some reviews from all over the world, and there is a lot of positive reaction about the album, and I’m blown away from it. I also saw some 10/10 from some magazines and really nice words about the production and the music. After our reunion we tried to play some different stuff and we try to involve new elements, and people understood this. Some years ago there were supportive comments over the new Decapitated style that made us really happy. Of course there are some people that miss old Decapitated from the first or second album, but time is running and it’s not possible to be the same as 20 years ago. I listen to all opinions and I think there are a lot more people that understand that Decapitated wanted to change.

That’s why I’m asking, because the fans on the one hand talk about a band that has been doing the same things for years and when they change want the old style back.

It’s not possible, you can never satisfy all people. I don’t think there is a metal band in the world that satisfies all of their fans. I’M NOT SURE. People always complain. I also complain for some bands, but I was younger and I’m a musician as well. People need to know that music is connected to life, and people change in human life. People pass away, we get older, change and those things change people. It cannot be the same as 20 years ago, I was a teenager, I tried to create my own music and style, I wanted to show people with my guitar what I can do. Now I’m looking for different things in metal, for good music and riffs, not how fast everyone plays. Let’s leave technical death metal for kids.

You have been going on for 2 decades as you said, what keeps you motivated?

One million dollars from the shows each year. Haha, I’m kidding. I love what I do, that’s the reception! Every human needs to find what they always wanted to do and makes them feel happy every day, sometimes I hate what I do because I need to get up at 4 a.m to get to a show, to drive a lot of kilometers, for just doing an one hour show and wait for so many hours on an airport. So much hard work and waste of time on an airplane for example. But I just love to play the guitar and love to travel that’s the motivation for me I guess.

Your debut album 2000’s ‘Winds of Creation’ was an excellent album capturing the Suffocation and Nile elements and even bringing it one step further, giving a fresh air on the Death Metal Scene. So do you feel that ‘Anticult’ would bring something similar?

Hmm, I think Anticult can bring some fresh air to death metal music because in some way is still death metal, but has new elements, some heavy metal/rock n roll riffs, for songs like Deathvaluation, Kill the Cult or even Earth scar, those songs are more catchy, like similar to Rammstein or Slayer, based on thrash metal riffs. I play in a seven string guitar in a slow tune, there is much double bass going on and I feel I connected death metal with heavy metal, thrash metal and other catchy styles, more commercial maybe.

Tell us more about the writing procedure of the new album. Who’s responsible for the lyrics and are the lyrics as important as this musical turn for you? It the new music dominating or are you trying to evolve lyrically too?

BOTH aspects are really important, it depends on the band. For me, the music was always important and I have this feeling that when people are expecting a new Decapitated album, they are more interested how the music will sound. About the production, in some way, of course the lyrics are an important part in this music. We have to have a good lyrical aspect. I think always for me music was a little bit more important than the lyrics.

You’re a guitarist, so..


Where do you draw inspiration from? Does this sound capture your feelings?

I think inspiration is not just music, I don’t listen to death metal that much those days, that’s why I think the Anticult album is more my own music. I didn’t listen that much to music the days I created it. So I didn’t get inspiration from any band or sth. I think inspiration comes from anything that comes around the composer. It’s life, air, water, way of life, family, loneliness. Travelling inspired me, the life on tour. Lots of thing, everything you touch is inspiration.

This is your 3rd release of Nuclear Blast. How are things with this label?

I still keep their asses to promote my music, lazy bastard haha. It’s cool, it’s good to be a part of it with so many years of tradition of releasing metal albums. These days the role of the label is to release the album, put the stars and sell. I’m satisfied about the selling, and the way they treat us. It’s a honor and privilege, but there are so many huge bands there like In Flames, Nightwish etc that makes me think that Decapitated can be a little bit forgotten. In general I’m satisfied though.

Poland is famous for Behemoth, Vader, and Hate but there was a big underground scene back in the 80’s too. Are you a fan of classic metal bands or 80’s underground cult bands from your country?

Yeah! I was a big fan of the underground polish band. There are some bands really famous in Poland, but not outside of it like Acid Drinkers and Kat. Those are my favorite bands of Poland along with Vader. I was always influnced by them, I started to play the guitar along with their albums.There are so many great bands Gamma, Hate, a lot of bands. Also we have a band name and I hope they will get big.

How do you feel about the political and economical crisis that Europe and the world is experiencing. Where is this whole thing leading us?

I don’t know, I think if we are going down, there’s a change that we will go up in the future. It always goes like that. There are so many sad things going on, the immigration the brexit, I don’t know if in the past it was better. History of europe is really tragic, with all the wars and the communism in Poland. It’s hard to say because I’m not into politics so I can’t see the future. I think despite all the shit going on right now, people don’t want to change. They don’t want to learn from the past and there are only few people that are smart and want peace. There are so many stupid people that don’t care about each other. I’m happy I live in a free country without violence and wars going on. I hope the european union will survive. You may say some shit over it but there are still the borders,highways, some kind of stability in your life. I’m not a political freak.

Have you ever thought of writing any political themed lyrics?

I think some of the lyrics are about politics in general because politics are connected to society and all that people do are still connected to it.

What does the future hold for Decapitated? What will be your next steps?

We are waiting for the festivals, there is this big polish festival and of course bloodstock, brutal assault and summer breeze, and there will be everything about festivals this summer. After that, we have a US/Canada tour startin 31st august along with other 3 bands, and after this we plan a european tour starting 6th of october, dates will be out very soon.

Are we seeing you in Greece?

I think we will play in greece in spring. I love to play in Greece.

Alright, that’s all from me for the time being, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! Hope to see you sometime in Greece! Take care! The closing is yours!

“Ya mas!” GREEK fans from Decapitated, we love you, you’re crazy, I hope you like the Anticult album! Thank you for the support.