There’s a brilliant book written by Umberto Eco, titled “Dire quasi la stessa cosa. Esperienze di traduzion”, which roughly translates into “Experiences in Translation, Saying Almost The Same Thing”. It’s a book that elaborates in the following questions “What does it mean to translate? Does a translation fully reflect the meaning of the original text?” Eco answers these questions raising the following example: “‘Eh bien, mon prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now no more than private estates of the Bonaparte family. No, I warn you – if you are not telling me that this means war, if you again allow yourself to condone all the infamies and atrocities perpetrated by that Antichrist (upon my word I believe he is Antichrist), I don’t know you in future. You will no longer be a friend of mine, or my “faithful slave”, as you call yourself! But how do you do, how do you do? I see I’m scaring you. Sit down and talk to me.’ “It was on a July evening in 1805 and the speaker was the well-known Anna Pavlovna Scherer, maid of honour and confidante of the Empress Maria Fiodorovna. With these words she greeted the influential statesman Prince Vasili, who was the first to arrive at her soirée.” The first excerpt comes from ‘War and Peace’. Really, how would we translate the original text into French? Tolstoy uses French just to show that the Tsar Court had lost all contact with the Russian people. Not only didn’t the Court speak the language of its people, but spoke with the same conceit as their future – potential conqueror. However, how would the French reader understand the Russian writer and what he wants to say with the use of French? It’s reasonable to seach for the connection shared between the aforementioned, Metal Invader and Karrier. Due to the fact that Metal Invader is bilingual and sometimes the translations shared to our readers did not yield the intensity or the real dynamics of the Greek text, I felt the need to apologize – or that’s what you’d think… And yet if I needed to apologize for something as a Head Editor, that would elaborate on the absence of reviews about such diamonds of the Heavy Metal genre more than apologizing for some bad translational moments… But what’s the best way to communicate the true meaning of ‘Rocker’ in Greek? If we write down that an album ‘rocks’, tons of rotten tomatoes will be thrown upon us, since being a rocker (and a leftist – politically speaking) in Greece are both labels given to self by untalented pieces of trash, by people who declared themselves leftists, even though they hold no professional identity as being the spawn of an aristocrat daddy who inherit positions of authority meant fat pensions from the state, is a tragic reality these harsh (for the rest of us) days. Despite the fact that even this translation is a tricky one and the efficiency of communicating the message of the text is difficult, we’ll try to give you a glimpse of the massiveness of feelings created by such music, such albums.

Karrier are one of those bands that attaching the label ‘rocker’ upon them is probably engulfs most accurately the real essence of the act. Despite the band’s extremely short-lived passage, they honored Birmingham and as genuine Midlands children gave us just one -but what an honest and sincere album that entered the pantheon of well-hidden diamonds. Quite obscure sound with clear influences from American albums and artists (Montrose, Ted Nugent, Blackfoot, Blue Oyster Cult), based on guitars and the creation of relaxed atmosphere. Even though the following words have been shared quite a lot on this column, the whole aura / atmosphere built smells like alcohol and sweat in a setting taken from some infamous bar. Compositions are warm, melodic, of a straight forward edition of N.W.O.B.H.M. reminiscent of Fist, Ethel the Frog and Tygers of Pan Tang. With the rhythms relying on mid tempo speeds, the album is overflowing with pure energy.

It’s an album that’s so well written, that the songs flow like tasteful whiskey in the throat of a thirsty worker after 12 hours in the factory. There is no originality; nonetheless, I don’t consider this as a prerequisite to invest in an album. I prefer to bet on good songs based on the feeling and the perfect playing of the players. Surely in the same pattern we’ve heard enough records of the same style, but that does not change the quality of the 10 extraordinary pieces, trademark of the idiom. Their twelve-inch single and virgin release cannot be found nowadays, while ‘Way Beyond the Night’ turned  as their one and only studio album. With 1986 and the band’s 7 inch release ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ marked the definitive ending. Or not? In a truly rare and great time for the Greek record label Cult Metal Classics it was announced that the label will re-release Karrier’s legendary studio album on CD and vinyl with remastered sound and 6 bonus songs, a 16 page booklet insert with all lyrics and photos from the 80’s with some handwritten notes by the band. I think that at this time the main lot of N.W.O.B.H.M.’s sworn fans will either remember or learn or simply get something that they were looking for with this release and would not miss the chance to finally embrace hymns like “Too Many Years”,”Dreaming,” “Summer,” “Too late for love,” and the title track. Patience until Christmas of 2017.