Genre: Death’n’Roll
Country: Greece
Label: Vault Relics
Year: 2017

A great surprise came down from the north just a little after when the year began. Kemerov from Serres have just released their first full-length work two years after the self-titled EP that placed them on the music map. You can spot the difference and improvement clearly after the first note. Without abandoning completely their Entombed-type death metal style of their EP, they embrace more rock’n’roll elements in the likes of The Hellacopters and an old-school punk rock aesthetic while maintaining the balance with Black Sabbath-type breaks and raging vocals. You’ll get the chance to listen to a more up to date cover of Matt’s (vocals) old band, Sicks Daze, in “The Better Man” which was released back in 1999 and after those years still stands tight between the rests of the record. The record’s producing is completely satisfying and adds only on the listening experience. In a few words, it’s a record that’s going to make you move and will remind that there’s a metal way to do it.