Genre: Experimental/Progressive Metal
Country: Greece
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: 2017

A unique release came out in March, with Locust Leaves sinking the Earth with their sophomore release, “A Subtler Kind Of Light” (the band’s first full length effort). I’ll go straight to the point, as I think that less is more about this release. “A Subtler Kind Of Light” is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious releases of 2017. It radiates extreme theatrics and a particular form of passion, which is reflected in the synthetic part of the album and in the singularity of the vocals, but also in the lyrics and the general aesthetics that surround this movement. Darkness and light engage in a twisty, spiral motion that, thanks to the atmospheric and ambient elaborate passages, makes your spirit hover and skid into the endless universe. The main feature of “A Subtler Kind Of Light” is the complex compositions, which, despite their labyrinthical sensation, are not inhospitable. On the contrary, from some point onwards, “A Subtler Kind Of Light” acquires an intimate tightness with each listener. If one surrenders himself to Locust Leaves and listens to what the band has to offer, they will understand that every aspect of logic is being circumvented, so that paranoia and simultaneously a faint consciousness usurp the throne of your inner peace. Although it would be frustrating to analyze the pure musical / synthetic expression of the album, as the album is a transcendently refined experience of the spirit, the blending of Extreme Music (Black / Death / Doom) through a Progressive prism with experimental mood and traces of Heavy Metal in the whole set, make “A Subtler Kind Of Light” stand out in the heap of the limp and stripped of individuality releases in recent years. Locust Leaves will please a few, though everyone should have a go at them.

1. Light / Fos (08:22)
2. Pillar / Vraxos (11:01)
3. Fall / Ptosi (09:55)
4. Flight / Ptisi (06:13)

Συνολική διάρκεια: 35:31