Mahakala,Reviews,Heavy Metal,Greece,2017,SMC

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: SMC
Year: 2017


“The Second Fall”, as you might have guessed, is the… third official studio album of the heavy metallers Mahakala. Mahakala hail from the very depths of hell, that is a bit South of Athens. Except for Jim Kotsis (bass/vocals), Mahakala entered the studio this time with a complete new line-up. Not that we are surprised, but I guess no one (?) expected Nick Angelopoulos (guitars) to be out of the band. Anyway. Four years have passed since their previous album “Devil’s Music” and they had plenty of time to rehearse. And they did rehearse. The band is a compact mass, 100% solidified that delivers pure metal. It might have helped a bit the fact that the new guitarist John Tsiakopoulos and Jim play together in another super heavy band called Black Soul Horde (check ‘em).

Mahakala of today might not be as dark and occult as they used to be, and certainly not be as sludgy as in their debut, but they have turned to more classic heavy metal formulas.  It’s a good timing now to also add that they have made attempts to enrich their sound with some progressive elements that were embedded into their sound effortlessly. The violins, for instance, at “Darkness in their Eyes” take the song to an unfathomed level of erection. Necromayhem of Rotting Christ is also making a guest appearance singing in “Wrath of Lucifer”, one of the more_metal_you_die songs of the album. Mahakala are “simply” playing heavy metal. How many bands do you know that do the same in 2017?

For those who don’t know, Jim has a voice that resembles Ozzy before he started biting bats. For some it works perfectly, for others it doesn’t. It’s like sHeavy, either you love them or hate them. If you ask me, I love them.

Time for grand finale. The path the band is following is the right one, but they make a lot of stops along the way, change a lot of members, and seem to lose momentarily their way as they follow different routes in every album. The second album they will produce with the same line-up will be their best.