Genre: Black / Speed Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Year: 2016

Three years have passed since ‘No Mercy For Mayhem’ and the most influential band of the last decade, returns with ‘Shox Of Violence’ EP that will satisfy their fans and will serve as the perfect appetizer for their next full length.

Something like that would be the typical review for the new release of Midnight and you, dear reader of this review, would scroll down full of boredom to find the final ranking point and then jump to some sport betting site. But it is our un(holy) duty to inform you about the vulgarity that overflows with every note; it feels like boiling water falling from the pot straight to your thighs. The vocals are spitting curses and mayhem through the broad reverb. We’re dealing with the glorification of punk/speed that looks at Venom, Motorhead and Exploited with one eye and how much money you carry so they can rob you with the other. In the sound part we come across no surprise, since the band continues to destroy your ears and the environment the same way they did till now; only notion is that the vocals could use a pinch up in the final mix. But this is not of importance when Athenar pukes his poetry, which, if it was written in ancient Egyptian, it would have drawings of bears coming out of toilets.

At the end of the day, what this EP does besides playing all day is making you drool about Midnight’s next album and without even noticing, urges you to log into other kind of web sites, where overs and unders have a completely different meaning. Stop acting stupid, you know what I mean.

The grand children of Venom are here and carry the flag like they should and if you don’t like them there are always bands like Fates Warning. Oh yeah, the rank is…