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Genre: Symphonic gothic/black metal
Country: Portugal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2017

It has been only two years since Moonspell released their most recent effort entitled “Extinct”. However, more than 9 years have passed since those once notorious sovereigns of vampiric metal made a bountiful album of darkness and extravagant gothic aesthetics such as “Night Eternal” among other glorious albums including “Wolfheart”, “Memorial” and “Darkness And Hope”.

1755 is the band’s 12th release. There are some some peculiarities in this album though, that make the entire album sound different and it’s not that all lyrics are written in Portuguese. 1755 marks the year of a destructive earthquake in Lisabona, Portugal which brought the end of an era and gave birth to a dim black, new age for the country.

Moonspell’s new sound was quite clear since ‘Extinct’ and this pattern goes on in this album too. Orchestral arrangements are present, heavy riffs, amazing vocals from the incredible Fernando Ribeiro as well. Those are not enough to convince an avid Moonspell fan however, that the band is conquered by this sombre inspiration they had when they wrote in the late ‘90s to the middle ‘00s. I wouldn’t say that the 11 tracks of 1755 are rubbish, but it is hard to accept the fact that this band has composed those achingly beautiful sagas named “Full Moon Madness”, “Alma Mater” or “Night Eternal”. Unhappily, it doesn’t feel like the same band anymore whatsoever.