Genre: Rock ‘N Roll/ Heavy Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Silver Lining Music
Year : 2017

It’s a shame that one of the biggest cash ins of all times bears the name of Motörhead, the band that from its birth was against the filth of the record labels, the exploitation of the bands and the snatching of fans money. It’s also a shame for the ex members of the band. With all due respect you can go fuck yourselfs for allowing and letting this happen so you can have a piece of the pie. You gentlemen should know better. The record label that has the rights to release this abomination gathered 12 covers that Motörhead have recorded from time to time and by miracle one of them is unreleased! Yes,you have David Bowie’s Heroes that was recorded during the sessions of Bad Magic,the LAST Motörhead album being the golden pill in this compilation. You wanted so bad to cash in? You could release this on a 7 inch or in compilation album with some more unreleased live tracks or with the Clean Your Clock live album which was also snatch in but at least it has some historic value. The rest of the 11 tracks are taken from Motörhead albums or from tribute albums or have appeared as bonus tracks. So you ask from the fan 25 euros because you gathered them all in one album? You can go to hell. Because you also released it in various versions of colored vinyl, box set etc and the diehard will get them all so the 25er in many cases is multiplied. Of course this release changes nothing from the image and the music of the biggest and most honest band in history since it’s not released by the band but by a bunch of cretins. Somewhere, someone is watching you, you heathen bastards…

You might be a financial wizard with a sack of loot

All I see is a slimy lizard with an expensive suit

Go on and run your corporation go and kiss some ass

You can buy half of the nation but you can’t buy class