Genre: Hardcore Punk
Label: Epidemic Records, Backbite Records, World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records & Booking
Country: Greece
Year: 2017

The 4-piece from Volos had its latest effort uploaded online 2 years ago, but just now it managed to find its way through the vinyl. Because of My Turn’s self-titled record’s official release we decided to give it a more thorough listen. I get really happy when I see bands evolving constantly and improve themselves, a thing that anyone can spot on this album. Still paying respects on the recipe that makes them relevant, which is no else than the East Coast hardcore scene(see 90’s Boston and New York), they add a clearly more “metallic” approach to the mixture and one will notice even some crossover touches (see “Stand Up & Fight”, “Angel”). All these features seen through the prism of the best sound quality they had since their inception and their highest compositional quality make the record shine where its perfect length for me definitely adds a lot. The vocals are still peculiar and equally characteristic while being raging and aggressive at the same time accompanying most appropriately the band’s new direction. Their punk rock freshness is luckily still on their side and those breakdowns keep calling to the pit. Hardcore kids don’t sleep on it!