‘Don’t you think it’s time to get out
See time has taken it’s toll and they’re in control
We can’t let this madness last
Gotta make our move
Get in the groove
We gotta do something fast.’

‘Cro-Mags playing just 500km away of our home?
Wtf, let’s go there, let’s play the show, let’s have some fun and spend time with friends and loved ones.’

And that’s what we did.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you have 26000 words.

whole photo story on: https://www.facebook.com/MetalInvader.net/

The crew:

Cullen, Nasia, John, Johnny Only, Sakis Oner, Apo, Lina, Boogy, Nuskeros, Tasos


Alex 141 & all the cool people in Sofia, Ugo Restaurants

‘My harbor, my lighthouse, my shield

Everything I want, all I need’

* pics by L. & A.


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Apostolis Mokas
Between booking shows, driving bands all over Europe, releasing cool punk/hardcore records with World's Appreciated Kitsch, distributing even cooler stuff via Uprising Hardcore Distro, touring with My Turn and watching movies with his girlfriend, Apostolis writes reviews & columns for Metal Invader (after a special invitation by Gio and the ultimate promise to become rich one day, making money out of this), trying to spread the word about the underground hardcore scene. Check out his FB and follow his endless activities: www.facebook.com/worldsappreciatedkitsch