Genre: Doom/Proto Metal
Country: Norway
Label: The Church Within Records
Year: 2017

Twenty year ago, give or take, a silly book was published by an even sillier and overated brazilian author and was quite a success in Greece. Coehlo’s “The alchemist” was short and thus easy to read, a dull and childish story that was loved by the bored greek people who, lacking any real education, learnt the quote that “if you really want something the universe will conspire for you to achieve it”, a completely fatalistic approach that was a fitting for a degenerate generation. Not everyone is the same though and not everybody waits for a vague universe to act in their behalf. The norwegian band Purple Hill Witch have worked a lot to achieve a the result a listener gets by listening to their new release. And they must have used a lot of alchemy while composing and recording their second studio album titled “Celestial Cemetery”. They needed that ancient art that was used during ancient times and the Dark Ages to achieve the transformation of an uninteresting stoner band to a dark, doom almost occult first class band. They have been influenced by a lot of different bands and the Norwegians used those influences equally. Angel Witch, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind among them. Those elements were added in a medieval cauldron, with the extra spices of occult atmosphere, proto-metal riffs and N.W.O.B.H.M. melodies. And while the historical alchemists never managed to turn lead to gold or the making the elixir of youth, Purple Hill Witch achieved something equally great, to create an exceptional album that, while not a masterpiece, takes the listener to a trip through psychedelic galaxies and ritualistic worlds.