The first Saturday of March was the day Septicflesh came back in Thessaloniki for a gig. But they weren’t alone! The Romanian folk black metallers Negura Bunget were there, following their mini tour in Greece. Also, two bands from Thessaloniki participated in this concert, Blackdrawn and SpellBounD.

SpellBounD were on Eightball’s stage at almost 20:40 and their Melodic Death Metal fulfilled the whole atmosphere. Everybody started enjoying the show and the 5 guys from Thessaloniki played the best they could. Except for their 4 songs-list, they played Dimmu Borgir’s “Spellbound by the Devil”. Despite the fact that they are young, they are a strong band and – without making important mistakes on their performance – they left the best impressions and many promises for their upcoming full-length album.

Blackdrawn, a six-member band that formed in 2012, was on stage playing Modern Metal. From the very first minutes they started leveling the Eightball’s stage and the crowd cheered more and more, shouting in every song. The communicative frontman, Dimitris, during the seven songs he performed, interacted with audience, feeding them with passion. As the members themselves told me, they faced a few difficulties during their show but they were very pleasant from their presence on stage. They are active for almost 3 years (so little time) but they behaved like professionals.

Next band was Negura Bunget. Romanians were preparing for their show by carrying the appropriate equipments on stage. Many wind instruments, such as a big horn, pipes and pan flutes appeared in a corner and also, a huge kind of percussion, which was used by drummer and bassist, stood proudly in the middle of the stage. They played songs both from their new album “Tău” and from their rest recordings. It was my first time in a Negura’s live concert and I was astonished. The atmosphere that those guys created with all of the instruments and the very effective light sessions was something amazing, leading you in a different era (Vlad Dracula, Romanian Middle Age). All the members were so intent on their playing and most of the audience was “nailed” to what they were hearing without saying anything. At the end, everybody in the club applauded and cheered them with satisfaction.

Now, it’s time for Septicflesh! Everybody cheered the band-name and, of course, the new drummer’s name, Krimh, especially when he came on stage to prepare his drum-kit. He returned this value and respect with pleasure and, in some way, he felt very familiar with the Greek audience. The concert just started and they appeared with the dressing concept of their last album “Titan”.

Seth’s massive vocals demolished the foundations of the building. Krimh’s magnificent performance of was like a road – roller straighting our body. Audience were singing and hailing Septic Flesh constantly. Seth, one of the best frontmen, with his established way, interacted with the people, leading them to say and/or do things, as usual. They surprised us by playing two songs from “Titan” that they hadn’t performded before. As I can remember (sorry guys if I’m mistaken), the first one was “Titan” and the other one was their new upcoming video clip “Prometheus”.

Songs such as “Communion”, “The Vampire from Nazarene”, “Lovecraft’s Death” and, of course, one of their best songs, “Persepolis” had their place of honor in the set list. During this last song, the classical two-teams-divided session (one to the right and the other to the left) took place and people knew very well what they had to do.

Encore was consisted of “Annubis” and “Prometheus”. Unfortunately, those two songs were the end of the show. Ten minutes later, both Seth and Krimh came back to talk with the audience, sign autographs and take some photos with them.

Just another successful live has ended. One of the best shows writes its history in our memory. Cheers to all bands and to their crews!