Genre: Speed/Thrash
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2017

Even though I have read many literature books in my life I was never into fairy tales and never really read the Bible or Koran with religious contemplation but mostly with encyclopedic curiosity. In its original languages, the Bible uses the Hebrew word sheʼohlʹ and its Greek equivalent haiʹdes more than 70 times. Both words are related to death. Some Bible translations render them as “grave,” “hell,” or “pit.” However, in most languages there are no words that convey the precise sense of these Hebrew and Greek words. So when these 3 guys from Tucson, Arizona chosen a name for their band we can assume that they were trying to give emphasis on their hellish sound as Sheol Hades would be translated into ‘hell x 2’. A couple of months ago we reviewed a forgotten gem from Arizona, a U.S. Power/Speed masterpiece of its kind ‘The Message’ from Intrepid. Victor von Glahn the bassist in ‘The Message’ before joining Intrepid had a speed metal band called Sheol Hades. In 1984 with his friend John January (guitars) they found Mark Ehren (drummer) and formed a band. They searched for a singer in order to complete the band but as no one fitted to their vision they decided to give von Glahn the chance to scream his guts behind the mic. It was not so easy to get out Arizona, a place where only few managed to get bigger that in its desert (Flotsam & Jetsam, Sacred Reich and only lately Gatecreeper) so unfortunately after several local shows over the next 2 years and the recordings of 6 songs the band lived for another more year before the members grew apart and disbanded. The sound is totally old school displaying a violent and ferocious aggressive Speed Metal, with a strong bass guitar sound and high pitched screams. If you are into ‘Hell Awaits’-era Slayer, early Flotsam and Jetsam and love the Schmier’s vocals (Destruction) you will surely appreciate Sheol Hades effort. In this release from Lost Realms Records we have the only 6 songs that Sheol Hades recorded on the tape entitled ‘Metal Disease’ in November 1986 by Steve English at Sound Factory Studio and co produced by the band and Rona Searle, remastered by Luis Costa at Tacky Tone Studios in July 2017. A 12 pages booklet with all the lyrics and some photos of the band completes an interesting and obscure release that digs really deep into the underground U.S. speed/thrash metal scene.