Filth Hounds Of Hades (1982)

Everything you think about this records stands. For instance, if you think that it sucks it is true. It’s true because you’re a pussy. This is one of Heavy Metal’s backbones. It is raw, obscene, street wise, furious, catchy as fuck, this IS one of England’s top three metal releases ever.  No need to mention tracks. Just put it on your turntable and have a blast! Algy Ward and the Brabbs bros deliver what a real rocker and a headbanger want: pure, undiluted metal/rockin’ mayhem!

Power Of The Hunter (1982)

A bit slower than its predecessor but keeping the level of great tunes high. Classic stuff like “Walking barefoot over glass”, title track, “Set your back on fire”, “Used leather hanging loose”, damn, so many to get hooked on! The only reason P.O.T.H. scores second place is because it was released after “Filth Hounds” and, yeah, no “Struck by Lightning”.

Honour And Blood (1984)

I find myself being a bit reparative but I’m running out of adjectives here. Anthemic, classic, great, scorcher, you name it. Damn you “auto correct”, it’s “Hon-our”, not “Hon-or”. Blasted pc’s, i need some “know your Tank” tech RIGHT NOW! “The War drags ever on”, title track (an OPUS), “When all hell freezes over”, “W.M.L.A.” (now, that’s a serious love song). I bet my well-shaped ass that if Aretha could listen to Tank’s “Chain of fools” version, she would be shocked! Why third place? Because, although it’s 100% in the Tank spirit, it’s somehow a bit more polished.

This Means War (1983)

Just because it scores fourth place, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad LP. Not at all. A bit uneven I’d say. For instance, you have hymns like the title track, “Just like something from hell” and “Echoes of a distant battle” but the rest of the lp just doesn’t “cut it sharp” like those tunes.

Tank (1987)

This LP will always be worthy of mention for various songs – reasons but the truth is that it has, probably, the best metal love song of all times. “With your life (you’ll pay for this)”. I feel short breathed as I’m trying to express myself over this one. It could be about a junkie or a man utterly devastated by love. The riffs dripping blood, Algy’s voices is a mixture of disappointment, irony and sadness, the lead parts sound exactly like a break up, damn! The rest of the LP carries some great tunes like “Reign of thunder” or “March on sons of Nippon”, “The enemy Below” (great chorus). ‘CAUSE HELL’S ROUND THE BEND

…(car crash)

Still At War (2002)

I find this record to be really weak. I mean, yeah, “The return of the Filth Hounds” is a great Heavy/Power Metal song that could be in every of Running Wilds classic tunes but the rest of the stuff isn’t as good.

Just to get something clear: I won’t refer to the later stuff that don’t feature Algy Ward and, certainly, I won’t hide my frustration about the band using the “Tank” logo while having an ex Dragonforce member behind the mike. I don’t care if some of you are frustrated by my acting. If the team of the ‘zine finds this inappropriate, they can ditch the article.

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