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Underground Symphony announced the signing of Tidal Dreams for their second album release. “Previsor” was recorded in Bedroom Studios by Omiros Komninos and in Tidal Dreams Studios by Paris Valadakis which also produced and mixed the album. The line-up of Tidal Dreams is: Nektarios Santamouris (Vocals,Bagpipe), Paris Valadakis (Guitars,Backing Vocals), John Sofis (Guitars) & Nick Teteris (Drums).

The full length will be available on the 15th of September 2017 under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipak edition.

Here’s the full tracklist and the album cover, hand-drawn by Marta Sokolowska.

tidal dreamsTRACKLIST:

01. Previsor
02. Join The Crusades
03. King In The North
04. House Of Lords
05. Midnight Rider
06. Across The River Nile
07. Once Again
08. A Place In The Sun
09. Odyssey
10. Ancestral