Genre: Cosmic Black Noise / Avant – Garde
Country: Cyprus (originally) – United Kingdom (later)
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: 2017

Mixing Black Metal and generally any genre of extreme music with different sounds, ambience, unregulated and chaotic compositions can provide an experience that on one hand is aimed toward only a few ears, however those few, once dropping their defenses, are drifted to an unprecedented trip. All of the above can be proven with the latest release of the Cypriots Tome of The Unreplenished, “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I”.

Tome of The Unreplenished have been active since 2012, releasing their (homonymous) debut EP in 2013. In 2015 they released their first full length album, entitled “Innerstanding”, and just recently (February 3rd) the band released their new EP “Cosmoprism: the Theurgy – Act I” via I, Voidhanger Records in 300 copies. The physical copy comes as a 4-panel digisleeve with a booklet of 12 pages, whose illustrations were made by the band itself.

The features that characterize the music of the band is the peculiarity of their compositions and the uniqueness of each piece inspiration. The band has its own personal style, which although may remind you of something quite dim and undefined, however, Tome of The Unreplenished distancing from any kind of music norm and convention, and hence their distance from each subculture established genres have given birth – pandered – raised is evident intensely. Essentially, we’re dealing with an Atmospheric Black Metal album, having as its main basis Noise and Power Electronics. The whole project hides a primitive (in a good way) essence, with the final result breeding nightmare. The cosmic sounds and guitar / synth samples urge you to take a dive into the depths of insanity, creating somehow saddening emotions, like you’re floating / hovering all alone in the vast universe, knowing that there is no hope for salvation. And you like it. Deeply.

As expected, the themes of the lyrics Tome of The Unreplenished use, elaborate on subjects referring to the Universe, Cosmogony and Creation of everything, with philosophical / Neoplatonic implications. “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I” of Tome of The Unreplenished is a fairly complete disc that offers a similarly comprehensive experience. Totally worth your time. “Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I” was mixed at Temple of Flesh, while Resonance Sounds Studios handled the mastering process. Recommended without a second thought to devotees of ‘strange’ Black Metal, of Mare Cognitum, Spectral Lore, Midnight Odyssey etc.