Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Schwarzdorn Productions
Year: 2017

Formicarius come from the UK and officially present themselves to the extreme crowd by releasing their full-length debut “Black Mass Ritual”, if you leave aside the band’s single “Lake of the Dead” released in 2015. Their debut was released last July viaSchwarzdorn Productions, consisting of 8 tracks, with a total duration of 45 minutes. At this point I should note that the act’s lineup consists of members of Domitorem, Phyrexia and De Profundis.

“Black Mass Ritual” is characterized by complex Black Metal structures with a twist of symphonic bursts. We observe strong melodies and harmonies, while the fact that production is clear and the mastering good helps to highlight the aforementioned qualities. Basically, the music of Formicarius is based on fast tempos that are structured and embellished on elaborate arpeggios and otherworldly piano compositions. The alternations of the rhythms are a fact, as we from heavy and slow tempos to fast and vicious ones, making the final result quite interesting. Synthetically speaking, we listen towell thought of / sagacious structures that sweeten our ear and comparing them to the compositions of the single of the band, we are definitely talking about matureness and individual / team growth.

I think this release will satisfy the fans of Emperor and the initial Cradle of Filth records, fans who have a lot of decorations in their lapel having trained their ears in the extreme sound.  The album was recorded in two locations, as the band itself explains. More specifically, all instruments except drums were recorded at Lord Sauder’s Casterly Rock Studio, while drums, mix and master were handled at Neil Haynes’s Parlour Studios.