Genre: Death Metal / Punk
Country: Sweden
Label: Memento Mori
Year: 2016

Yes, I know. Gorgosaur. GORGOSAUR. Quite a peculiar name to choose for your band; got to have some balls. Though if you come to think about it, it actually engulfs everything Gorgosaur stand for: Primitive, Old School, Death Metal. But let’s take everything from the top.

Gorgosaur were formed in 2013 in Malmö, Sweden, by Åsa Hagström (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Piano) and Martin Schönherr (Vocals, Drums) and have been active since. They released a demo in 2014, entitled “Gashes and Demise” and in April 2016, Gorgosaur released their debut full length record, “Lurking Among Corpses”, via Memento Mori and it’s the release on which I’ll elaborate today.

“Lurking Among Corpses” is based on old school, filthy, raw Death Metal, flavored with a bit of Punk / Crust. Even though the structures of the compositions are not exceptionally innovative or super complex, Gorgosaur succeeded in creating an eerie atmosphere , with their sharp chainsaw-ish guitars, the almost entirely Punk adapted drums and the abyssal, unfathomably deep vocals. On the parts where Åsa is singing, you can feel a certain Sacrilege – esque effect, intensifying our interest. I have to say I really liked the use of female vocals. After all, women in Death Metal are just a handful, so Åsa’s presence is great on many levels. Back to the music stuff again, “Lurking Among Corpses” features mostly typical tempos and rhythms, ranging from mid to fast – tempo guitars. Simple, basic riffs, though extremely straightforward and violent.

The only objection with this record lies upon the way it was produced / mixed. I’m a fan of filthy productions, though this one was a bit excessively filthy. I get why the band chose this way of producing, though I really feel that if the production was cleaner and the mixing better, they would rocket the album. Finally, the use of circled structure was a nice surprise. The album opens and closes with calm yet dark piano keys, attaching a creepy-crawly sensation. Putting everything in a nutshell, “Lurking Among Corpses” is a vicious attack from the obscure / extreme Swedish underground, that although it’s not utterly unique, it stirs the waters and leaves a good impression on you. Make sure you check Gorgosaur!

“Lurking Among Corpses” was recorded in Sunlight Studio by Tomas Skogsberg, in January 2016. Cover artwork is a creation of Mark Riddick.

Listen here: