Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Ván Records
Year: 2016

Vanik is made up by members of Midnight and Cauldron so don’t expect to listen experimental jazz. These fine people take elements from both of their bands, took a bit of Raven, having the vocals that bring in mind Gerre from Tankard, add good old American punk/rock and a piece of Venom of course in the mix and the whole cake is ready. Speaking of cakes Vanik is lot like these high sugar cakes where you eat one piece and you’re stuffed for the rest of your life. In other words one listening of the album and you probably don’t want to deal with them again. It’s a good record with good songs and they have all the means necessary to do something better but I think that this kind of music sounds a lot better when it’s dirty and controllably chaotic but Vanik are a bit polished if you ask me. Also the fact that their album is released next to Midnight’s, doesn’t help a lot because there’s this unconscious comparison that leaves Vanik behind. On the other hand you don’t get to hear songs like Midnight Ghoul or Island Of Lost Souls or the opening Deadly Pleasures in any release nowadays. So let’s say Midnight and Venom are both hard drugs. Vanik is methadone. Which way you will go is completely up to you.