Vesen, Black, Thrash, Reviews, Albums, Norway, Soulseller Records, 2016

Genre: Black/Thrash
Country: Norway
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2016

Vesen come from Norway and can’t call them rookies. They are active since 1999 and they have some demos and 5 full length albums in their agenda, with the latest ‘Rorscasch’ released in the late 2016. Now that we’ve met them let’s hear what they have to say. They call themselves a black/thrash band but this is not completely accurate, since the term is used more for bands like their fellow countrymen Aura Noir. All thrash elements on their album are relatively few and they bring in mind bands like (also Norwegian) Audiopain, and that mostly because of the tempo and the riffing in some tracks. So, you reader of this review don’t expect to listen something like Nekromantheon! It’s easier to say that Vesen are a black metal supermarket ‘cause honestly I can’t think another sticker for their bumper. In ‘Rorschash’ the vocals are black-ish without being extreme, while there are some backing vocals and lines that bring in mind Enslaved a bit. Speaking of Enslaved I remembered Ancient for some reason. Probably because Vesen have that same clean and restrained sound that these two had in their latest releases. There are also some atmospheric bridges here and there, that reminded me of Ancient, but mostly as an influence not a rip off. They do have some interesting ideas here and there in the album, like ‘Crown of scars’ or the closer of the album ‘Final insult’, which are the most thrashy songs. After doing a little research in their past discography, I believe that maybe it should be wise for them to stay on that path better than wonder in the seven seas of black metal. All in all in a few words, pass them by.