Genre: Hard rock
Country: Greece
Label: AOR BLD
Year: 2014

Greek hard rockers WILD ROSE, strike for third time with their latest album , “Hit and run”. For those of you who don’t have a clue, on who these guys are, please welcome a sextet based in Greece, raised on healthy diet full of 80s major hard rock bands.

Their sound is pretty much expected for the lovers of the genre. Melodies, bombastic melodies, keyboards, sharp guitars, honey soaked choruses, discreet keyboards and songs written in the finest AOR tradition. In this album you will hear, excellent fretwork by guitar players, great melodies and influences who varies from early BON JOVI to STAGEDOLLS, with whatever band you may think in between, to be represented more than adequately. One of the bands strong holds, is their compositions, songs like ‘’Ill be there’’, ’’Stay’’, “’Without your love’’, ’’Cant wait on love’’, ‘’don’t walk away”, ’’Give in to me” are among the best you can hear in our days, in the specific genre. The vocals ofDavid A Saylor (PUSH UK) have a strange essence as they remind in a way, Bob Catley of MAGNUM giving an extra weight at the songs, which elevates them above the average AOR sing along. This is an album that marks a bright future for WILD ROSE, in the traditional melodic rock era. For those of you who remember, the mighty RAW SILK, these guys are more than proud airs to their legacy. The production is the only thing that might be a setback for some listeners as it is very much 80s, but this is also a matter of what someone prefers sonically.

To conclude, this is an album that could have easily been released at UK or Scandinavia at the late 80s with much success. It comes from the sunny South in 2014 and really deserves your attention and devotion.