Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Massacre Records

It’s no secret that Canadian bands are cult heroes and have a weird charm and affection on heavy metal fans worldwide. Besides iconic RUSH, RAZOR, ANNIHILATOR, VOIVOD and many other names have made their scene so beloved to true metal aficionados.

SWORD should ring a bell to heavy metal warriors as their 1986’s debut “Metalized” was a fine example on how easily masterpieces were written in the 80’s. Now they return with their third album, simply titled “III”, that had been announced for a long time and now, had strangely arrived too late as it has been ten years since their reunion-KIT performance in 2012, while the album features songs taken from old demos recorded originally after the release of their sophomore “Sweet Dreams” studio full length album that was out in 1988. The particular material of course has been reworked and re-recorded.

Some would prefer new material as some love the idea of this list album situation from the 80’s. Still the final result seems like a leftover selection, a relics compilation that could wisely be on a remaster edition of their first two classics as bonus tracks rather than a full length album. No it’s not at all a bad effort.

It is obvious that Rick Hughes’ -still- brilliant performance can’t hide the lower quality the compositions have in contrary to their previous records.

Check some nice moments on “Bad Blood”, “Not Me, No Way”, “Unleashing Hell” or “(I Am) In Command”.