Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Thrash
Country: Greece
Label: Now or Never Records
Year:1995, 1999, 2014

Before I write down anything about SPIRITUAL CONTRADICTION’s LP, I would like to state my opinion about the re-release barrage that has overwhelmed the record stores and distros all around Greece the last couple of years. On one hand, I’m really happy to get my hands on albums made by bands I had only heard on cassette compilations 20 years ago or releases that had been sold out and were nowhere to be found for years. On the other hand I believe that punk, hardcore and metal are happening right NOW. And the mystification of the past through releases by bands that just happened to put out a demo and play 5 gigs 20 or 30 years ago and disappeared ever since, only to remember these days (each band for its’ own reasons) to re-release their rehearsals, is only harming the scene of the present, since bands that strive to take the next step stumble upon the barrier of the “glorious past”.

Joking aside I’ll stop moaning. Re-releases coming out is a good thing, new releases coming out is also a good thing and everything depends on someone’s intentions. Let’s make it clear that all the above have nothing to do with SPIRITUAL CONTRADICTION, a band I consider to be one of the best hardcore bands of the second half of the 90’s. I’m pretty happy to have their album in my hands, since the only songs I ever had by this band were the ones that were on the legendary cassette compilation “Greek H.C. / Punk” published by Underground Tapes residing in Patra city (if I remember correctly).

The “Indelible Marks” album was released a few months ago by Now or Never Records and it comprises 6 songs that previously could be found on SPIRITUAL CONTRADICTION’s 1995 demo tape, and two covers (by the bands Chaos Generation and Stress)that the band recorded back in 1999.

SPIRITUAL CONTRADICTION’s music style is hardcore/ punk with a lot of thrash and crossover elements, influenced by bands such as Suicidal Tendencies (mainly on the slow parts), S.O.D, early Agnostic Front and D.R.I. and also by Discharge and The Exploited. I would dare to say that at some moments they reminded me of Pantera, although I may be completely wrong.

On the other hand the 2 covers could be more original, since I’m sick of listening to those two songs being “tormented” by any Greek punk band. Both Chaos Generation and Stress had much better songs and I can’t understand why everybody are so stuck on those two…

The album also includes a 4page booklet with the lyrics both in Greek and English, it’s pressed on black and red vinyl and it’s available at a fair price.

You can also listen to and download the album under the following link: