01. Approaching Grave
02. When Winds Howl The Song Of Death
03. Beneath The Cold Clay
04. Clad In Flesh
05. When Eternal Sleep Falls Upon Men
06. Graveland
07. Space Sabbath

01. Approaching Grave

Your kingdom of pleasure corrupts your mind,
And flesh becomes dark like rotten mess of fallen leaves.
Her skin pleaded for refreshment, but it withered with her hopes for salvation.
Truth is like a fresh stream that feeds the lands suffered from draught.
And winds come, and they bring vultures, and they sip the stream dry, enslaving the future with grief.Defeat feeds the flames of anger, beholding the horizon blackened from deaths.
Diamond tears leave your eyes. We want to know lies
Unable to accept the truth that our lives are threads in the canvas of time.
We want to know lies when the last hope dies.
And a weak soul departs from your earthy flesh.
And a toothless mouth of grave swallows it.
Approaching grave,
Hear the steps of death.
Approaching grave,
The reaper takes its scythe, a sharp and merciless blade.

02. When Winds Howl The Song Of Death

Blessed are the sick and blessed are the ugly
As they know their place and strive for nothing.
In the world ruled by prejudice the right of life was abolished.
Throats of those who spoke their mind are slit.Carry the torch through the darkest cave, in the land of doom, where evil breeds.
In the darkness of coffin rests a body so cold.
Who was the lord of his spirit can rule it no more.
Mournful dirge spreads bitterness and modest tears.

Winds howl the song of death.
Gracefully a faceless digger of graves turns over the last spade of soil and blows out a dying flame of life.
Deadly stench chokes the living ones.

03. Beneath The Cold Clay


04. Clad In Flesh

Dust to dust thunder rumbles
Conspiracy of black nights
Composes orders with whisper of smokes
In a wide circle of enraged little ones (youngsters)
Against useless daysSabbaths of fallen leaves dance in circles
Among the spears of trees that look upwards
In the triumphal sunset of mind they cause fears
Defeating the will to life with no steel in hands

Those who’ve lost the petrified truth
Won’t forget the laws of interrupted existence
In black swamps of oblivion they’ll float
Сlad in flesh like in iron chains

05. When Eternal Sleep Falls Upon Men

Bloody fogs of retaliation
Bring forth disdain
The hammer of demolition
Destroys repentBlack messengers of evil
Blow apocalyptic pipes
Canvas of life is torn apart
Convert your fears into strengths

As old gods can no longer rule the lands
Ancient wisdom is treated as ignorance
Divinity of magic fades away and dies
There was a door

But I found no will to enter
As I was afraid of changes
Life of a hermit with freedom in his cage
Loneliness in a fragile shell

Senseless mediocre depravity
Reveals the nakedness of vulgar bigotry
Songless birds suffocate in tremendous efforts to sing
Blind folks suffocate in tremendous efforts to see

06. Graveland

I feel stillness and the whisper of souls
They restlessly ramble
Damp fresh graves like open wounds
Wait for their new ownersI feel the numb skin of the dead
I am the dead
Broken bones slowly rot
And souls roam like vagabonds

A dead horse is rising
It’s carrying the reaper
His black gown is falling down
Covering cold pale faces

Black hoof marks of evil
Lead to the fathomless abyss
Red eyes are watching
Lips of those who keep silent

07. Space Sabbath