Genre: Punk/D-Beat/Black
Country: Sweden
Label: D-Takt & Råpunk Records/Black Konflik
Year: 2020

One of the craziest and fun to listen albums of 2020 was certainly 偏執症者 (Paranoid)’s, ‘Out Raising Hell’. The Swedes are mixing perfectly ultra violent black metal and punk rock with råpunk, d-beat, and Japanese noisecore. Yes it sounds insane and the final result is ferocious, vicious, brutal and soooo entertaining. This punk blackened speed japcore hybrid sounds familiar to a mixture blending Hellhammer/Venom roughness with strong doses of Disclose owns a lot to, Toxic Holocaust’s fame, Joel Grind that is responsible for the mixing of the album. The unrelenting monotonously tempo is drilling your brain and the Japanese lyrics gives a big “fuck you” to all speak English or die die-hards out there. In D-Beat we trust !!!