If you look at the list on the right you notice quite a long list of subgenres we use to categorize our posts here on Metal Invader, but we still have to realize that metal is quite a young genre. However, technological advancements and the ever-growing information sharing networks allow for rapid developments in styles and sound. Many people hate the constant debates about all the subgenres, but for the category-addicts out there I have a real treat! A website has attempted to visualize 100 years of rock music. In the diagram I see genres I have never heard of and links I had never considered. It is only in the 60’s we start seeing an explosion of different subgenres in what broadly could be placed under rock, metal and punk. Each genre has its 1 minute sample to give you an idea what the makers believe is iconic for that genre.

Play around with it and have fun!


animation 2 animation 1