Below are the 17+1 reasons why you must drop anything else in your life at Saturday 24th November and head down to the Temple.

  1. Because the band that released the best album of 2018 is playing

2. Because the venue they’re playing is Temple which is in downtown Athens. After the gig the place might not be there.

3. Because you will hear the line “Oh it’s Zeke,not Zee kee?” several times

4. Because their songs touch the speed of sound and the speed of the old woman entering the bus and spotting the only empty seat in the house.

5. Because their gigs are killer. Totally!

6. Because bungee jumping costs 100 euros. Sky diving 150. Registration to a martial arts school is 300 for a season. With 15 euros you get all of the above, indoors.

7. Because if you put a bottle of water next to the speakers while Zeke is playing,the water turns to regular.

8. Because Green Goblins and 32 Bastards are not some quire boys.

9. Because after the gig is over we’ll be racing on Hamosternas str.

10. Because there’s no better way to lose your front teeth.

11. What do you mean why?

12. Because you leave the venue with a degree in mechanical engineering.

13. You will also learn how to drive a bus on two wheels

  1. Because they are coming for the first time and we want to make them come every year from now on.

15. Because in their 25+years of existence they are still kicking it, in the studio and on the stage. Aren’t you tired of seeing live relics that haven’t released an album since ’86 cashing in?

16. Because there are people that awaits a common live by a common band like the kind we see every week. These are the ones that will relay race naked outside after the gig.

17. Because we’ll have a great fucking time!

18. Besides all else, how many times you missed a gig and felt like a jerk the day after when your friends told you all about it?