Genre: Garage/Rock n Roll
Country: Greece
Label: Fucking Your Creation Records
Year: 2020

I have something very different for you today than you are used to from me. Today we will go roam through the garage genre, with the Athenians 2thebone and their first EP, “Bless”. The band has been around since 2012 and after many appearances, they decided to record their first EP, which was released on tape, in a very limited number, by Fucking Your Creation Records and as the label tells us in the press release, it will soon be released on CD, with 2 bonus tracks. Let’s dive into it…

In terms of sound, this is not something I didn’t expect. Dirty, taken out of basements that stink of cigarettes and whiskey and in the corner 2 guys play as if there is no tomorrow, as it should be done in such cases. Rock n roll, straight from the heart and soul.

Music wise, one can find obvious influences (except Motorhead of course, since we are talking about garage / rock n roll stuff here), a little bit of Monster Magnet, a little bit of The Misfits and I think you have an idea of what you will hear in this EP. The band may not be the most original in terms of compositions, but I personally have little or no problem with that. Simple songs, with a little experimentations here and there that makes sense in this genre and Jack Daniels flowing endlesly. Within 6 tracks and 16 minutes, the band, which I failed to say consists of 2 people, George Rigas and Lampis Kastanas, manages to give us and pass on to us, the essence of this music. They play for their own amusement first of all and that, of course, is something that comes out. After all, if the band is having fun, then the listeners will definitely have fun too. Let me note here, that George Rigas recorded the vocals for the EP and Andreas Filippou with Miltiadis Karanastasis from Cherries On A Black List and Kavrila recorded the guitar/bass and the keyboards respectively.

Spend time with this band and you will not be disappointed. The friends of punk, stoner in a way, and maybe even desert rock, will surely love it. The rest of you, if you have open ears in terms of listening to new things, you may discover a band that you did not know and would like to have in your collection. No matter the case, they won me.