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26 – 27 – 28 – 29 October

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“Under lights dimmed or blinding, Moments silent or fierce but all everlasting, Life-changing and singular and passing away, In this unique solitary commune / For all those a house, Fraternity of Sound”

Fraternity of Sound, or FOS, came out as the necessity of a strong feeling, the feeling of a festival made first and foremost for all the devotees of sound, existing to host music long awaited and missing from the concert history of Greece and also of the need for a true festival that unites different genres but with coherence both in the experience and the deeper aesthetics expressed by the creators. In reality it’s what we have been doing from the beginning and now with FOS it is realised in a single breath, fierce love and persistence materialised in Sound.


OPENING RITES (Thursday. 26.10.17)

TEMPLE(Iakhou 17, Gazi, Athens)

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Croatian Amor (DK)

Colin Potter (UK)

Puce Mary (DK)

Dead Gum (GR)

After show: Jay Glass Dubs (GR)

*** Curated by Coherent States

DAY 1η/ main event(Friday. 27.10.17)

FUZZ LIVE MUSIC CLUB (Patriarxou Ioakim 1, Tavros)

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The Soft Moon(US)

Nurse With Wound(UK)

Circle (FI)

Kooba Tercu(GR)

Maggot Heart(SE)

DAY 1η/clubnight (Friday. 27.10.17)

TEMPLE(Iakhou 17, Gazi, Athens)

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3.14 – Kondaktor – Zorz(GR – Modal Analysis) [DJ set]

JK Flesh (UK) [live]

Bill Kouligas (GR – Pan) [live]

*** Curated by Modal Analysis / Pi Electronics

DAY 2η (Saturday. 28.10.17)

FUZZ LIVE MUSIC CLUB (Patriarxou Ioakim 1, Tavros)

Event page:

Godflesh (UK)


Ghold (UK)

Omega Monolith (GR)

Pharaoh Overlord (FI)

DAY 3η (Sunday. 29.10.17)

FUZZ LIVE MUSIC CLUB (Patriarxou Ioakim 1, Tavros)

Event page:

Thurston Moore Group (US)

Ben Frost (AU)

Zonal (UK)

Drew McDowall (UK)

Afformance (GR)





►ALL ACCESS: 95(includes silkscreenT-shirt&accessto allsideevents and the festival’sopeningday)

26.10.17 – OpeningRites: Free access with AA ticket / 15 (at door)

27.10.17 – Day 1/ mainevent: 35

27.10.17 – Day 1/ clubnight: Free access with AA ticket/ 10 (at door)

28.10.17 – Day 2: 35

29.10.17 – Day 3: 37



  • Syd Records (Protogenous 13, Psyrri, tel.: +30 210 3218373,
  • RhythmRecords (Em. Benaki 74, Athens, tel.: +30210 3841550,
  • Sound Effect Records (Sp. Trikoupi 50 &Kallidromiou, Athens, tel.:+30 210 8259883,
  • Le Disque Noir (Themistokleous 29, Athens, tel.: +30211 214 3554)
  • Big Mouth (Gr. Gyftopoulou 8, Chalandri,tel.:+30 210 6815505)
  • By Phoneat 11876
  • Reload Stores
  • Media Markt
  • SevenSpots
  • Evripidis Bookstores

►Online presale


*** All vouchers are exchanged with printed tickets at the venues.