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Necromantia is a myth, a powerful spell, a dark litany that comes from far away. From the beginning of the 1990s, until today when we feel their loss, Necromantia has always walked their own path, independent from fashions and trends.

They created their own universe and when they heard the call, they opened the gates for us to hear the sound of the hordes rushing into our own reality. Their shroud never negotiated its accessibility to the masses, only to those who accepted their uniqueness.

A black wolf on a global level, the duo of Magus and Baron Blood, became a point of reference for the Greek Black Metal scene, a unique example of how you can stand out from the crowd, if you take the familiar ingredients and mix them with a completely personal vision and style. Shall we make it even simpler? Necromantia answered the question, what happens if you throw Mercyful Fate, Manowar, Celtic Frost and Venom into a trough and mix it well.

Along the way, they’ve given us five captivating albums, two historic demos, an EP from ancient times, and a diabolical split with Varathron as the core of their discography. You will allow me to single out Scarlet evil witching black as their career pinnacle, the one album that precedes them as a general on the battlefield. It was the moment when inspiration and timing conspired to unleash this black epic upon our unsuspecting souls. Romantic, abysmal and god-dark, it has haunted us ever since, every note that came out of the wall of bass and collided on the mournful saxophone, melted all our resistance to the abyss.

The flame is now extinguished, as life and death always have their own plans, of which we are neither consulted nor warned. Man is simply called upon to manage them. Necromantia bid us farewell with pride for the work they left behind and for their final legacy, a pitch black chest, to lock away our memories and guard the key well.

“Epitaph: The complete Worx” is this chest, which contains 9 vinyls with all their songwriting remastered from start to finish, dressed with 9 stamps forged by the talented artist Innominadus Horridus. A box-set in black “papyrus” of Necromantia’s career, is the best way to honor their history and their fans, a numbered collector’s edition for the few, the chosen ones.

There are times in our lives when we may not be looking for something, but it finds us. Just like when I was a kid, so now, Necromantia found me and I opened the door for them, this time to say goodbye, in the most fitting way. They will always be there, in a dark, dusty corner, ready to unleash their dark armies when the times call for it again.