Marauder’s vocalist Nikos Antonogiannakis will be officially the new singer for the heavy metal legends OMEN. Let’s see what Nikos himself has to say for this great moment of his carreer in this first mini-interview (it started as a simple statement and quickly turned into an interview) that gave to Metal Invader and Lilliana Tseka after the official announcement.

Congratulations Nikos! I guess it’s everyone’s dream to become a member of their favorite band? Talk to us about your route until you reached this point of becoming Omen’s vocalist.

First of all thank you very much for this interview.

I don’t think there is a greater pleasure and honour than becoming a member of a group that helped from a very young age to shape a part of your character.

Kimball was one of my main influences since I was α young boy and Omen’s albums the reason of headbanging till sundown.

My substantial course begun in 2001 as a member of Winter Crescent, a band from Heraklion, Crete. In 2002 i formed Timeriver, a prog band with strong influences from Fates Warning and Pain of Salvation. Later I became member of Master Reset that have already released the album ‘Nutshell Republic’ with Michalis Stavrakakis on vocals and finally on 2015 I replaced one of the greatest voices in Greece, Marauder’s Alexandros Kostarakos. Alongside of course I had a cover band called Undercover that we played almost everywhere and constantly.

How did Omen approached you?

Well, things are quite simple. When I saw a Facebook post that Kevin left the frontman’s position, I decided to send Kenny a message that I want to sing for them. With lots of nerve and with absolutely no hope I’ve send him a sample of my work. So I was asked to record a tracks, they loved it and now I try to pinch myself to wake up. Hahaha!

What do you think that Nikos Antwnogiannakakis has to offer to Omen?

I really don’t know…hahaha, I guess passion and an eager for work!

Are you going to remain an active member of Marauder, and if so how are you going to manage?

I would definitely never abandon Marauder. We are like family with all the members of the band and that can’t be broken. The truth is that it’s going to be a hard task but when there is unity, everything is possible. Just imagine that before I leave for Dallas I’ll be in Athens for a few days for rehearsals with Marauder because we have a gig in Βerlin together with Power Crue and Inner Axis.


Logically we must ask about your favorite Omen songs.

Oh, now that’s a tough question!

Definitely Teeth of the Hydra, Red Horizon, In The Arena, Last Rites, Die by the Blade, Termination… what can I say? The list is endless…

When is your first appearance with the band at the pole position?

It’s going to be really really soon, on October 6th at Houston.

The closing is your Nikos!

I want to thank you once more and will see you really soon IN THE ARENA!!!