Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2019

He is standing out for more than three decades as one of the most imperial yet controversial figures of the scene. Eccentric as fuck, yet the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. His departure from Immortal might got people furstrated, troubled and irritated, until the moment his personal debut popped up in 2016. Heads up for Abbath and “Outstrider”.

Abbath was never afraid to play out of court. From Norway-orientated black metal, to english heavy/punk and U.S. thrash. This is somehow a way to describe his newest studio effort, “Outstrider”, which saw the light of day (or the moonlight), just a few days before. He doesn’t try to debate neither “Northern Chaos Gods”, nor his old bandmate Demonaz, not even the entire Immortal franchise by trying to play something similar in a better way. With his more promising than the debut new work, Abbath is building a new legacy, which somehow sounds familiar. This is mainly because it brings a lot of spices from his old project I and their only album “Between Two Worlds”. So, this is why “Outstrider” is “divided” in two parts. The first one includes the more heavy/rock ‘n’ roll elements (e.g. the selftitled, “Artifex” and “Harvest Pyre”, and the second one, not roads apart from the first but harder, darker and faster, which is highlighted by the “Pace Till Death” by Bathory cover, which sums up the entire vibe of the record in 4 minutes, whilst paying a tribute to God Quorthon.

In comparison to the debut album, “Outstrider” is not that different, but contains a few spices that the fans had missed from Abbath, just like the ones reminding of I. It surely is on the lead on his personal discography (it barely even makes sense anymore to make comparisons with Immortal since they’re also doing great by themselves), while he delivers a series of great albums to Season Of Mist. Specifically important for all those forementioned, I think is the change of the lineup because of the replacement of the old members with new ones, thirsty for big projects.