In probably the coldest night of this year’s winter in our city, Athens, all roads led to Kyttaro, where we would welcome the truest representatives of Winter, the legendary persona called Abbath and his gang. Even though the doors were supposed to open at 20:00, they ultimately opened around 20:40, having as a result the 200 people (more or less at that moment) waiting to get inside, freezing to death due to the low temperature. If I’m not mistaken, the schedule was postponed due to the Norwegians’ flight delay.

The venue was almost full in capacity when the veterans Order of the Ebon Hand went up on stage and played their storming black metal music with excellent sound and amazing delivery. They also performed an amazing cover of Motörhead’s “Deaf Forever”, as a tribute to lord Lemmy. Their performance was much better than their last one in the same venue. Well done, boys!

Time was 22:35 (at best) when Abbath and his mates sieged the stage. Eccentric as always, extravagant as usual but unique in his kind, he offered the crowd a performance utterly satisfactory, playing tracks by both the debut record and old hits of Immortal. In “Tyrants” the crowd was ecstatic. Ok, there will always be complaints for not performing a classic track (eg “Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) ”) or the fact that the band could play more than just one hour, however the result is the only thing that counts.  We enjoyed a tremendous concert of a great artist.

photos by John Hiotellis

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