Genre: Black Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Avantgarde Music
Year: 2018

The Austrians Abigor return to action with their tenth album a few days after New Year’s Eve. The new record holds the title “Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)” and of course follows the successful recipe of musical expression by Abigor, with all their characteristics being present here. The album is based on many melodic black metal riffs, caressed by a calm but powerful bass of Abigor, while the main body of everything seem to be the drums, which might sound out of place at first listen, after a while, one will realize their purpose. In terms of vocals, Abigors are based on a variety of sounds, as the changes are frequent. We can hear screams, whispers, narrations, classic black metal shrieks, even clean vocals at some points. Compositionally, “Höllenzwang” sounds like an album written on the spot at the studio, but because Abigor have the ability to write multifaceted music, you should listen without prejudice. It may sound unfocused, a bit abstract to the novice listener, maybe it is, I don’t know, but something tells me the cunning Abigor won’t let the compositions follow their own way without a plan behind it. I can also say that the cover they chose to decorate “Höllenzwang” is perfect to say the least, it fits the atmosphere the Austrians have created. All that, are the positive points. Into the negative side, I think the record has a serious production issue. At first, I thought the files I had were corrupted. In my surprise, nothing was wrong, this is how the album sounds. I don’t know what they tried to do… Sound more lo-fi? Is this some kind of trend that I haven’t caught up with? Really, it’s a pity if the choice was done on purpose. The tracks are good as a whole, but they drown in that pool of lower quality of sound. Weird things are happening. In general, Abigor refer to an audience with open horizons, not close-minded people. “Höllenzwang” is a weird record but it should please the fans of the genre.

4 / 6