ablaze my sorrow, melodic death, apostasy records, sweden

Swedish melodic death metallers Ablaze My Sorrow, who reformed in 2013, are back 14 years after ‘Anger, Hate And Fury’. The sound for the eleven tracks of the upcoming album ‘Black’ was created with the help of producer Christian Svedin (The Unguided, Faithful Darkness) in his Studio Haga, while Niclas Malmström designed the artwork, you can see below. The album is going to be released by Apostasy Records on August 5 2016.

ablaze my sorrow, melodic death, sweden, apostasy records


  1. Black
  2. One last sting
  3. Tvåenighet
  4. When all is…
  5. Send the ninth plague
  6. To reclaim what is ours (instr.)
  7. Insomnia
  8. Blood heritage
  9. Razorblade revolution
  10. The storm
  11. My blessing